1. Rooms at the Facility are rented per day.
  2. The Facility night starts at 3:00 PM and ends at 11:00 AM.
  3. If the Guest fails to specify the length of stay, it is assumed that the Guest rents a room for one night.
  4. If the Guest wishes to extend a hotel night, he/she should inform the reception desk as soon as possible. The Facility may refuse to accept Guest’s request to extend the stay due to lack of free beds (rooms) or in case of Guests who do not comply with the Regulations.
  5. Guests are kindly requested to contact the Hotel’s staff by phone at 516 054 449 approximately 1 hour before arrival.
  6. The possibility of late arrival (after 10:00 PM) must be confirmed by the staff.
  7. The Facility provides services in accordance with its category and standard/in the event of reservations regarding the quality of services, please report them as soon as possible by phone 516 054 449/609 066 906, or by e-mail:, which will enable us to react immediately.
  8. Children under 13 years of age should stay in the area of the Facility under constant supervision of their legal guardians. Legal guardians assume full responsibility for any damage caused by children.
  9. The Guest of the Facility is financially responsible for any damage or destruction of the equipment and technical devices of the facility caused by his/her fault/The Facility has the right to claim compensation for the damage caused.
  10. The Guest should notify the staff about the occurrence of damage immediately after its discovery by calling or sending a text message to the phone number 516 054 449/609 066 906.
  11. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Facility and its immediate surroundings, except in designated areas intended for this purpose.
  12. One parking space per one room is provided free of charge for the Guests/the need to rent additional parking spaces should be reported at the booking stage in order to determine whether the Facility is able to provide additional parking spaces for the duration of the stay.
  13. The Facility is not liable for damage to cars caused in the parking lot caused by sudden/dangerous weather conditions.
  14. The Facility shall not be responsible for the loss of a car or other vehicle belonging to the Guest and items left in it, regardless of whether these vehicles have been parked in the parking lot in front of the Facility or outside its premises.
  15. Rooms are cleaned by the Guests, unless otherwise specified at the booking stage.
  16. Each time leaving the room, the Guest should check that the door and windows are closed.
  17. Owner of the Facility is not responsible for lost items left in the room.
  18. The Guest cannot transfer the room to third parties, even if the period of stay has not expired.
  19. There is a curfew in the Facility from 10.00 PM to 6.00 AM.
  20. Each Guest staying on the premises of the Facility is obliged to comply with health and safety regulations and fire regulations, as well as to maintain order and cleanliness.
  21. Due to fire safety, it is forbidden to use heaters, electric irons and other similar devices that are not part of the room equipment.
  22. The Facility may refuse to accept a Guest who grossly violated the Regulations of the Facility during his/her previous stay.
  23. Before leaving, the Guest should leave the rooms in a proper order, hand over the keys to the Administrator and inform about leaving the Facility.
  24. Waste sorting is obligatory on the premises of the Facility – Guests are asked to throw waste into specially labelled containers.
  25. The Guests are kindly requested to store their ski boots, soiled hiking boots, strollers, bicycles etc. in the ski room located on the ground floor.
  26. Pets may stay in the Facility after prior arrangement with the Administrator/Manager, provided that not all animals will be accepted / the Facility Manager may refuse the stay of an animal at the time of booking without giving a specific reason. The pet owner is required to sign and to comply with the regulations for the stay of animals at the premises.
  27. The controller of personal data within the meaning of the Act on the protection of personal data is 3F- Projekt Klabisz Sp.j. 40-750 Katowice, Stabika 37

Additional information can be obtained by calling 516 054 449/609 066 906, or by sending questions to the e-mail address:

The Regulations are available at the reception desk, in each hotel room and on the Facility’s website

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