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sporty w Szczyrku

Sports in the mountains – what can you do in the summer in Szczyrk to stay in shape?

Are you planning a summer vacation in Szczyrk, during which you want to take care of your form? We recommend active forms of recreation in the mountains! From hiking on trails, cycling, and Nordic walking, to running – we guarantee beautiful views and a solid dose of exercise. And after a day of excitement, we invite you to the Przystanek Góry.

Szczyrk for the active – summer proposals for those who want to stay in motion

1. Mountain hiking

The surroundings of Szczyrk are ideal for those who want to take care of their condition. In the plan of their stay, not to miss a trip (7.9 km) from the Salmopol Pass to Skrzyczne – the highest peak of the Silesian Beskid at 1257 m. To the top is a red trail we recommend, and then a green one from the Salmopol Pass (White Cross). Although slightly longer than the others, this one offers extremely picturesque views. The hardships of the hike will be rewarded for fans of active recreation by the panoramic view of the Silesian Beskid, the Zywiec Beskid, the Tatra Mountains. Both Polish and Slovak and even Mala Fatra.

2. Bike tours

Thrill seekers will find many exciting bicycle routes in Szczyrk. In 2019, the ski resort, attracting winter sports enthusiasts for years, launched the unique Szczyrk Enduro Trails by TREK project. This is unique for the region and the country complex of one-way singletrack bike paths. The keen cyclists have at their disposal specially profiled trails – with the proper slope, space to slow down, and berms to make tight turns easier. Detailed information and GPS data of the paths can be found on the Szczyrk Mountain Resort website. In addition, there is a bike rental service for adults and children on site.

3. Running in Szczyrk

Szczyrk and the surrounding area is a popular place not only for hiking and biking enthusiasts but also for running. Many noteworthy trails emerge from the mountain town – lovers of mountain running, particularly, will be delighted with them. First of all, we recommend them the Stanislaw Hula trail in Szczyrk. Its 31 km route runs through Skrzyczne (1257 m), Małe Skrzyczne, Malinowska Skała, Salmopolska Pass, Kotarz, Karkoszczonka Pass and Klimczok (1117 m). The course begins and ends in Szczyrk – those wishing to take care of their fitness can complete a section of the route or combine a run with a hike.

4. Nordic walking

Szczyrk also offers many interesting places and trails for Nordic walking. Hiking mountain trails and walking paths, as well as bike and hiking paths along the Żylica River, provide plenty of attractions for fans of the sport, regardless of age or ability. Near our facility, there are many trails where you can go with walking poles. You can also rent them from us, which we strongly encourage you to do.

Relaxation after an active day awaits you at the Przystanek Góry

After an active day, we invite you to relax at the Przystanek Góry! We offer comfortable accommodation in rooms with bathrooms, delicious breakfasts, during which we serve local specialities, as well as the opportunity to relax in our garden, which offers soothing views of the Beskid hills.

atrakcje latem w Szczyrku

Summer 2022 attractions in Szczyrk

Although Szczyrk is sometimes referred to as the ski capital of Poland, visiting tourists are offered plenty of attractions at any time of the year. However, especially in summer, the mountain town, which attracts fans of snow activities, tempts by the possibility of active recreation – both on and off the numerous mountain trails. So what attractions await you during your vacation in Beskid Slaski?

Beskid Szczyrk trails – ideal for summer trips

Szczyrk is the perfect place for a vacation, especially for mountain hikers. Among the many trails, both less and more experienced hikers will find something for themselves. Unforgettable views will provide them with a route to Skrzyczne, towering over the town – 1257 m above sea level, a mountain belonging to the Crown of Polish Mountains, to which a blue trail leads from the city. In the plan of active vacations in the mountains, we recommend including a climb to Klimczok. And trips to the Salmopolska Pass, Malinowska Skała and Karkoszczonka Pass.

Caves in and around Szczyrk – a respite from the summer heat

The caves in Szczyrk are an exciting alternative to the area’s most popular attractions. Especially on hot days, you will find pleasant refreshments in the underground caves. For lovers of underground hiking, we recommend visiting the Ice Cave, which refers to the fairy-tale ice stalactites covering its walls. We strongly encourage both inexperienced tourists and families with children to see it. Short at only 32 meters, the cave can be explored without belay or specialized equipment. One of the more popular caves in Szczyrk is the Malinowska Cave, to which two trails lead. The red one from Salamopolska Pass and the green one from Szczyrk Solisko to Malinow. The time required to visit this cave is about 3 hours.

Promenade on the Żylica River – walks along the scenic route by the river

The promenade over the Żylica River in Szczyrk is one of the many local attractions and a charming place that simply must be visited during a summer stay in these areas. Proponents of active recreation can also explore this restored space by running, marching with Nordic walking poles or riding a bicycle. The path begins at City Hall and runs along the Żylica River to the square in the center. It continues past the Central Sports Center all the way to Buczkowice.

Summer is up! Przystanek Góry for an unforgettable vacation

Fans will remember a summer stay in Szczyrk of activity and beautiful views. With them in mind, the Przystanek Góry has prepared a special holiday package, valid from June to September. Its price includes accommodation in comfortable rooms and delicious buffet breakfasts. We encourage you to relax in the area with deck chairs in your free time. Here, with the singing of birds and the smell of the forest, our guests will find respite after a busy day on or off the trail. The culmination of your holiday stay will be an evening bonfire or barbecue roasting sausages and oscypek.

A playground with a slide, mini soccer and badminton fields, and a 3.5-meter pool will appeal to the youngest. Creative and culinary workshops for children are also planned. Board games, chess, playing cards and Nordic walking poles can be rented on site. We will also be happy to help you plan family trips in Szczyrk and the surrounding area. Feel free to book your stay!

trasy biegowe w Szczyrku

Running routes in Szczyrk

Szczyrk and its surroundings are a popular place not only for hiking enthusiasts but also for jogging lovers. The town has many noteworthy trails – the best reward for completing them will be the beautiful views waiting along the way. So which running routes do we recommend to test during your stay in Szczyrk? You can read about it in the further part of the article!

The most exciting cross-country trails in Szczyrk

Szczyrk offers many interesting places for recreational running. Especially mountain lovers will be delighted with their stay in Szczyrk. The varied hiking trails guarantee wonderful views and allow you to visit many exciting regional places.

1. Szczyrk – Skrzyczne 

Skrzyczne (1257 m) is the highest mountain of Beskid Śląski. At the very top is the PPTK Skrzyczne mountain hostel, while the mountain’s slopes lead to numerous ski trails. Two trails lead to the top: blue and green (through Polana Skrzyczeńska). Below the peak is the PTTK Skrzyczne Mountain Hostel, built at the end of the 1930s.

2. Szczyrk – Klimczok

Klimczok (1117 m) is the highest peak in the northern part of the Silesian Beskid. The beginning of the trail is in the center of Szczyrk, from where it goes further through the forest on the yellow path towards Uncle Tom’s Cottage and the mountain hostel on the Karkoszczonka Pass. Keen runners should follow the red trail towards the saddle below Klimczok. More petite than several dozen meters above the pass, in an eastern direction, there is Klimczok Hostel. From the top is a beautiful view of Babia Góra and, when the weather is good, also of the Tatra Mountains.

3. Stanisław Hula Trail

The Stanislaw Hula Trail in Szczyrk is the route going through Skrzyczne (1257 m), Małe Skrzyczne, Malinowska Skała, the Salmopol Pass, Kotarz, the Karkoszczonka Pass and Klimczok (1117 m). The trail, which is about 31 km long, begins and ends in Szczyrk – lovers of mountain running can thus cover its fragment or combine a run with a hike.

Karkoszczonka nature trail

We also recommend to keen runners the training on the Karkoszczonka Pass (729 m). The nature and forest trail, 3 km long, presents the heart of the local forests. On the length of the route, there are information boards familiarizing visitors with the rich flora and fauna of Beskidy. In addition, the short course offers a chance to admire extraordinary views of Skrzyczne, Klimczok and Magura.

After running around Szczyrk – it is time to relax at the Przystanek Góry!
The Przystanek góry is a perfect place for active leisure enthusiasts. Numerous mountain trails, downhill and cross-country skiing routes, bicycle paths, and places ideal for cross-country training – Szczyrk will prove perfect as a training base.

We offer comfortable accommodation in rooms with private bathrooms. For our guests, we also prepare delicious breakfasts during which we serve local specialities. And the possibility of relaxing in our garden, where active people can find respite after an intensive day of running.

jaskinie w Szczyrku

Caves in Szczyrk – which ones are worth visiting?

The caves in Szczyrk are an exciting alternative to the most popular attractions in the area. Some of the caves can be visited alone, without any experience. Others are organized tours under the supervision of a qualified guide. So which caves are worth visiting during your stay in the region? Here are the recommendations of Przystanek Góry!

The Ice Cave

The Ice Cave, whose name refers to the characteristic fairy-tale ice dripstone formations covering its walls, is located on the southeast slope of Hyrca (which separates the valley of the Żylica River with Szczyrk from the Hungarian Creek valley). It is recommended both for inexperienced tourists and families with children. The short cave, measuring only 32 m, can be explored without special equipment – you will only need a flashlight. The cave is also known as the Partisan Cave because local partisan units sought refuge during World War II. 

Malinowska Cave

One of the most famous caves in Szczyrk is Malinowska Cave. It is a cave of landslide type, which can be visited only by people with experience and the necessary mountaineering equipment. Two trails lead to the cave – the red one from the Salmopol Pass and the green one from Szczyrk Solisko to Malinow. The time needed to visit this cave is about 3 hours. 

Jaworzyna Cave

The next place on our list is the Jaworzyna Cave. It is located on the northern slopes of Skrzyczne, where the blue trail leads. Getting there from the center of Szczyrk takes about 1.5 hours. An additional hour is needed to explore the underground corridors, which form a complex of four cave rooms connected by narrow passages. The entrance to the cave is located near the cableway station on Jaworzyna. 

The cave in Trzy Kopce

Another cave – in Trzy Kopce – is one of the longest (1254 m) and largest caves in the entire Beskid Mountains. The entrance to it is located on the southern slopes of Trzy Kopce, to which it owes its name. The yellow trail from Klimczok to Błatnia leads to the 1.2 km long cave. You should spend about 2 hours exploring the underground corridors. Experienced tourists can visit the cave independently, and people without appropriate skills can see it with a guide. 

Salmopolska Cave

The last one on our list – Salmopolska Cave (located on the western slopes of the Salmopolska Pass) – is another place that can be visited with a guide. Its main attraction is the exciting cave halls. The time required to go through the cave is about 3 hours. Many sections need visitors to crawl and squeeze through narrow tunnels. 

Here ends our “guided tour” through the most interesting caves in Beskidy. On the occasion of your next stay in Szczyrk, we recommend planning a visit to the surrounding caves. And after an exciting trip, we invite you to comfortable rest in our Przystanek Góry. 

Note: It is best to visit the Beskid caves (except for the Ice Cave) with a local guide, who will ensure safe passage through the underground corridors and tell you more about the explored place. For more information, contact the tourist information office in Szczyrk:

41 Beskidzka St.

tel.: 33 815 83 88 


kuchnia regionalna Beskidy

Beskid Slaski – explore it from the kitchen!

While relaxing in a particular country or region, you should get to know and taste the local cuisine. The cuisine of Beskid Slaski has much to offer and stimulates the taste buds in many different ways. So what dishes are worth trying while in Szczyrk and its surroundings? Read more about it in the next part of this article.

Traditional dishes – regional flavours of the Beskid

1.    Potato dishes

The regional cuisine of the Silesian Beskid offers many different flavours that will satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding gourmets. The less fertile soils and harsh climate have forced the locals to adapt to the region. For this reason, they relied on pastoralism, fishing and beekeeping. Since potatoes were introduced to the area in the 19th century, they have been a permanent feature of the regional cuisine.

They are used as a base for many delicious dishes. When in Szczyrk, you must try poleśniki, available in two versions – yeast dough or potato pancakes. In either version, they are baked in an oven on cabbage leaves. Poleśniki are exceptionally aromatic, and baking without fat adds to their crispiness.

Other potato-based dishes worth trying are sztuchanki – mashed potatoes with fried onions and pork crackling – and potato pancakes baked on a baking tray. From the area of Istebna, Koniaków and Jaworzynka comes kubuś/kubusz. It is a delicious casserole made of raw grated potatoes. After being scalded with hot milk, it is put into a roasting tin, covered with a layer of apples or plums, poured with cream and baked, and tastes delicious.

The regional cuisine of the Silesian Beskids also includes many dumplings or gałuszek. You can find them in different forms and under different names – strzapate, fusate, laid, chybane, ścikane, biołe, szulane or z dziurkóm. They are usually served with pork fat and pork crackling or in a sweet version with butter, sugar, and cinnamon. 2.

2.    Sauerkraut and others

Many dishes in Beskydy cuisine are based on sauerkraut. Sauerkraut juice is served solo and in soups such as kapuśniak or kwaśnica. We can also find sauerkraut with zosmozkóm and szpyrkami, with potato roux and pork fat. It is also an addition to meat – ribs, ham or kiszka.

3.    Carp bouillon

The Skoczów region is famous for its carp bouillon as it is one of the most significant fish reserves in Europe. The taste of carp soup is enriched by diced vegetables and cream, which is used to whiten the dish. We also recommend trying carp croquettes with a bit of bacon. The dough for this speciality is similar to the French, except that beer is added instead of water.

4.    Cheese

You can’t forget about the cheeses when in the Beskydy Mountains, including Szczyrk. We especially recommend sheep cheese because, as it befits the pastoral area, the taste of bundz offered in this region is unique. According to tradition, it is mainly eaten between May and September during the grazing season. Then, when it ripens, it is processed into bryndza.

Traditional flavours in the Przystanek Góry

Also, in the Przystanek Góry, we appreciate regional dishes. Our guests can eat delicious breakfasts every morning in the form of a buffet. The menu features many products from local producers – including honey, natural sheep cheese and eggs from happy hens. We are glad to welcome our guests to the tastes of Beskid Slaski and take care of their culinary delights.

Nordic Walking w Szczyrku

Nordic walking in Szczyrk

Nordic walking is a form of fitness that is growing in popularity to enjoy the benefits of being active outdoors, but without the pressure on the body that running offers. The sport was started in Finland by elite cross-country skiers as a way to stay fit in the off-season. It is an inexpensive, low-impact all-weather activity that provides an excellent cardiovascular workout and engages nearly 80% of your muscles! You too can try Nordic walking, which we strongly encourage, especially during your stay in Szczyrk!

Nordic walking – how to start?

Nordic walking can be practiced by almost everybody, almost everywhere, at any time of the year or day. This sport offers many possibilities – from the gentle, quiet outdoor activity for beginners to fast, intensive training for more experienced athletes. All you need is a willingness, special poles and learn the technique.

It is best to ask a qualified instructor for help because, in the beginning, without tips and feedback, it is difficult to know if you are using the correct muscles while walking. In Szczyrk, nordic walking classes are conducted by Ms. Monika Łysoń, who gives lessons by appointment (tel. +48 509 636 210).

Why is it worth choosing Nordic walking?

Nordic walking involves not only your legs but also your upper body, actively involving the muscles of your arms, shoulders, chest, belly and back. This sport activates as many as 80% of our body muscles, while an ordinary march can boast only 50% of the result. Interestingly, it increases oxygen consumption and heart rate levels by about 20%. In addition, the poles provide support, making you feel lighter because the effort of walking is distributed more evenly between the upper and lower body. This means you exercise more challenging and get several benefits from doing so, but without the discomfort that usually accompanies higher intensity workouts.

This extra muscle activity also increases calorie burning. According to some estimates, Nordic walking burns up to 67% more calories than simple walking (depending on the technique used and the type of poles). It is also worth mentioning that Nordic walking builds greater muscle strength in the upper and lower limbs than regular walking. The poles encourage the user to lengthen their stride, which is more targeted at the buttocks, while the movement of the arms strengthens the chest and back muscles. This activity that does not strain the whole body also involves the deep abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor muscles.

Nordic walking in Szczyrk

Szczyrk offers many exciting places and routes for Nordic walking. Hiking mountain trails and walking paths, cross-country trails, or bike and footpaths along the Żylica River provide plenty of attractions for fans of this sport, regardless of their age or skills.

After a day full of activity, we invite you to relax in the Przystanek Góry! Near our facility, there are many trails where you can go with poles. You can also rent them from us! The Przystanek Góry is an excellent starting point regardless of the season. We offer comfortable accommodation in rooms with bathrooms, delicious breakfasts during which we serve local specialties, as well as the possibility of relaxing in our garden, where many attractions are waiting for the youngest.

pokój Beskidek w Przystanku Góry

How to spend time actively in Szczyrk?

Beskid Slaski is a tourist paradise for the active – and our Przystanek Góry is an ideal base for them and a great place to relax at any time of the year! Please, visit us for mountain hiking, skiing, water attractions and other forms of active recreation.

Wandering along Beskid trails

Szczyrk is, first of all, an ideal choice for mountain hikers, for whom the beautiful surroundings offer excellent conditions for hiking. If you plan an active stay in the mountains, make sure to climb Skrzyczne and Klimczok, the two highest summits of Beskid Slaski. It is also worth going to Malinowska Skała and the Karkoszczonka Pass. The yellow trail connecting Szczyrk with the Salmopol Pass is also recommended.

The picturesque Zywieckie Lake

Half an hour’s drive from our guesthouse is the picturesque Zywieckie Lake, which offers excellent views. There are many marinas and refreshments during the summer season, which attract lovers of water activities. You can rent a kayak, pedal boat, surfboard or sailboat. So, every fan of active vacations will find something for themselves! There are also scenic cruises waiting for you.

Central Sports Centre in Szczyrk

On the northern slope of Skrzyczne (1257 m), fans of active holidays can enjoy the Ski Centre of the Central Sports Centre for Olympic Preparations. It has a rich sports and recreational base, including a double chairlift to Skrzyczne, T-bar lifts, and a set of cross-country trails on Kubalonka. But that’s not all – you can also swim in the pool, use the brine graduation tower, play tennis, run on the track or play a soccer match on artificial grass.

White madness on the slope in Szczyrk

Szczyrk is the winter capital of skiing in Beskid Slaski. There are numerous ski resorts for fans of active holidays on skis or boards. Among them, you can find one of the largest ski complexes in Poland – Szczyrk Mountain Resort. There are as many as 13 interconnected lifts in its area, which serve 25 km of routes with varying degrees of difficulty. For fans of snowboarding, prepared Snow Park Juliana and Forest Park. Fans of winter sports will also have a great time on the 10 km long slopes of the Central Sports Centre, and the Beskid Sport Arena offers 4 ski runs with a total length of 3.2 km.

Przystanek Góry – Your place for an active stay in Szczyrk

We invite you to take advantage of the offer of the Przystanek Góry, a unique guesthouse in the heart of the Silesian Beskids. The convenient location, which allows you to freely enjoy the attractions of the mountain resort and its surroundings, goes hand in hand with comfort. There are cozy, carefully equipped rooms, a tasty breakfast buffet, and a large garden with a playground, gazebo, and barbecue. We also offer access to a sports equipment storage room. Check available dates and plan an active vacation in Szczyrk!

co robić z dziećmi w górach

What to do with children in Szczyrk?

Szczyrk’s unique attractions are simply inscribed in its location as a mountain resort – the numerous trails leading to mountain peaks make it one of the most visited places in the entire Silesian Beskid. However, this is just the beginning of vacation ideas that will steal the hearts of the most demanding tourists, namely children. The charming town and its surroundings offer a range of entertainment for every season. Therefore, we suggest how to spend a successful family vacation in this mountain area!

By cable car to Skrzyczne

If you are going to Szczyrk with your child, be sure to go to Skrzyczne, the highest peak of Beskid Slaski at 1257 m above sea level. Comfortable entry for the whole family is possible thanks to the cable car, which is one of the town’s biggest tourist attractions. The lower station of the cable car is located at 45 Myśliwska St. This modern cable car consists of two separate sections. The first (1592 m long) is a lift carrying tourists in two-person couches to the Jaworzyna Hall, where you can make a shortstop. The second section (1181 m) reaches almost the very top of the mountain. The whole trip takes 30 minutes. From the slopes of Skrzyczne, there is a beautiful view of the surrounding peaks, which will delight children and parents. In a few minutes from the upper station, you will reach the Skrzyczne mountain hostel.

Adventures on the trail

The Silesian Beskid is a fascinating region that is worth discovering while hiking. Szczyrk and the nearby towns and villages are famous for their picturesque hiking trails, offering magnificent views and natural abundance.

Ready for an adventure together? We recommend the best routes for families with children – picturesque, not too demanding, and perfect for any season of the year. The family trip to Klimczok, which you can start from the center of Szczyrk and continue along the blue trail, will be long remembered by children. The road to the top will not tire the young hikers too much, and the beautiful views from the top will be the best reward. You can have a meal on the way in a hut serving traditional home cuisine. You can also buy souvenirs for your children on site.

Skalite Ski Jumps Complex

A place you should not miss in your stay with children in Szczyrk is the Skalite ski jumping complex. The maximum length of jumps that could initially be achieved on this hill was about 40 m. The most significant modernization of the complex took place in 2007-2008 when a modern ski-jumping complex was built – from the largest with a construction point of K-95, the middle K-70, to the smallest K-40. Polish championships in ski-jumping and Nordic combined, as well as prestigious international competitions in ski-jumping, are organized here. On the ski jumps, both in winter and summer, training of the Polish ski jumping team is held regularly.

Rope Park BeskidPark

Another attraction in Szczyrk, this time for young adrenaline fans, is the BeskidPark. Great fun for the whole family, guaranteed! There are two routes – Mini Park and Adventure. Mini Park is for the youngest thrill-seekers and includes attractions such as ramps, a climbing wall, rope balancers, bridges, a slide and a conveyor belt. The Mini Park can be safely used by children from 3 to 13 years old. For more experienced toddlers, we recommend the Adventure Trail, where the various points, including bridges, peaks, ramps, footbridges and balance boards, are located slightly higher, which guarantees an enormous adrenaline rush and a lot of fun. The Adventure Trail is open to ages 8 and up.

Horse riding

Does your child love animals, especially horses? Or maybe you just want to start the adventure with horse riding? Then be sure to visit Eliksir Stables, picturesquely located at the foot of the Skalite and Skrzyczne mountains. In such beautiful natural surroundings, unforgettable attractions await the youngest holidaymakers – pony riding and for the slightly older ones – horseback riding on a lunge.

A successful stay with children in Szczyrk – stay at the Przystanek Góry!

Szczyrk is especially popular among families with children. Not without reason. Many local attractions and leisure activities ensure a successful stay for the whole family. After a day filled with entertainment on and off the trail, you will rest comfortably in our Przystanek Góry. We invite you to take advantage of our offer of accommodation with breakfast!

Wielkanoc Szczyrk

Easter in Szczyrk

The popularity of holidays away from home is growing every year. Parents with children, but also couples and groups of friends are more and more willing to go not only for Christmas but also for Easter. This, thanks to the increasingly beautiful weather, allows them to combine joyful celebrations with active recreation in nature. Enjoy a wonderful Easter in the Silesian Beskids – in Przystanek Góry in Szczyrk!

Easter in the Silesian Beskids – family time among mountain landscapes

Peace and silence, fresh mountain air, and awakening nature is a simple recipe for Easter to recharge the batteries after the winter. Easter away from home is also free from the holiday rush associated with cooking traditional dishes or extensive cleaning. These, as we all know, can be tiring and stressful. For this reason, the first spring trip to the mountains is a wonderful change from typical holidays, allowing you to enjoy them while forgetting about your responsibilities. Mountain hotels and guesthouses, including our Przystanek Góry, invite you to cultivate Easter customs away from home

Szczyrk at Easter – plenty of attractions for everyone

The upcoming Easter in the mountain climate will be an excellent solution for all who dream of unusual holidays. These will be unforgettable thanks to the numerous attractions waiting in Szczyrk. A stay in Beskid Śląski will delight lovers of beautiful views and active recreation on the trail. Their holiday plans should include trips to local peaks, such as Skrzyczne. This 1257 m mountain belongs to the Crown of Polish Mountains. We also recommend climbing Klimczok (1117 m), the Salmopol Pass, Malinowska Skała and the Karkoszczonka Pass. Be sure to take a walk along the town’s promenade by the Żylica River. See also the Skalite ski jump complex, visit the Beskid Art Gallery and plan a bike ride around the city. Easter will also bring you relaxation in the brine graduation tower, located in the Olympic Training Center in Szczyrk.

Unforgettable Easter at the Przystanek Góry

Holidays in our Przystanek Góry is a ready recipe for an unforgettable Easter with a group of loved ones or friends. Celebrate this particular time, enjoying each other’s company and beautiful landscapes. For guests who plan to spend Easter in this charming part of the Silesian Beskids, we offer comfortable accommodation in fully equipped rooms and suites with bathrooms, where you will find privacy and respite. For a good start, we serve delicious breakfasts. Then, after an eventful day, we invite guests to relax in the fireplace room, on the large terrace in the garden or by the grill. We also provide attractions for our youngest guests, for whom a well-equipped playroom and an outdoor playground await.

Are you planning Easter among the most beautiful mountain views? Then, don’t wait – book your family holidays at the Przystanek Góry today!


wiosenna regeneracja w Szczyrku

Spring regeneration – how to keep fit?

Winter is usually a time of reduced activity and more frequent infections. Changeable weather conditions, quickly falling dusk and less sunlight result in longer sitting indoors instead of outdoors. For this reason, many of us are so excited about the prospect of the approaching spring. How to prepare for the new season? What will promote the regeneration of our vital and mental forces? You will read about this in the article.

How to take care of your form in the spring? Discover 5 proven methods!

1.    Take care of mental and physical health

The upcoming spring and waking nature can ideally “recharge” our internal batteries. However, to take advantage of the changes taking place, we must first take care of our own health. For this purpose, it is worth doing some essential examinations to ensure that we are ready for more activity. We should also take care of work-life balance, properly balancing the time spent on work and rest. Finally, we must remember that stress is our enemy and always has a negative impact on our health.

2.    Remember about balanced diet and hydration

Although sometimes we think that the commonly known saying “you are what you eat” is an overused platitude, it turns out to be very accurate in practice. To regenerate your body after winter and gain energy, you need a proper diet. So make sure that before the arrival of spring on your plate, every day there are vegetables and fruits. Avoid too much theine and caffeine, and drink at least two liters of water instead. Minimize sugar and salt in your diet, instead opt for natural juices, which are a source of vitamins.

3.    Take care to relax

Various relaxation treatments also have a beneficial effect on the regeneration of your body. Meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, massages – there are many possibilities. Find time for activities that give you joy and allow you to forget about the hardships of a busy life. A good book, going to the pool, meeting friends will undoubtedly enable you to look at the world around you with optimism.

4.    Opt for a detox

Spring regeneration will take place faster if we take care of a detox. Processed food, sweets and lack of exercise slow down our metabolism. Then we feel constantly tired, lack energy and find it difficult to greet each new day. This trend can be reversed by periodic fasting, juice detox or sauna.

5.    Be active

Another proven way of spring regeneration is activity. We recommend first of all the outdoor activity. A walk after a hard day’s work will soothe your nerves and allow you to relax. A weekend trip outside the city or to the mountains will achieve even better results.

For those who want to rest close to nature, we recommend activity on the Beskid trails. There is no shortage of them in Szczyrk and its surroundings, and the difficulty of the routes can be gradually increased, at the same time communing with the awakening nature. After the activity, we invite you to relax in the Przystanek Góry, which offers comfortably equipped rooms with bathrooms, provides delicious breakfasts based on regional specialties and offers guests a garden with many attractions. You can be sure that time spent in such a way will foster regeneration and make our bodies ready for the arrival of spring.

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