co zabrać na wyprawę w góry

Pleasant temperatures, longer days, and availability of trails – summer hiking is a proven recipe for a successful vacation. However, no matter what time of year it is, every trip needs to be well prepared to ensure comfort and safety during the climb. Therefore, we suggest what to pack for a trip on the Beskid trails!

Appropriate clothing

In the mountains, there is a rule to wear several layers of clothing. This applies not only on cold winter days but also in the summer. Weather, which is good in the valleys, during the climbing or the passing of the day may change dynamically. It is worth being prepared for any eventuality. During the holiday season, clothing made of thermal-regulating synthetic fibres or merino wool reigns supreme on the trails – thin T-shirts wick moisture effectively, dry quickly and are odour resistant. In addition, many models feature UV protection and even cooling technology. Cotton shirts do not work at all as they create a “wet compress” on your back after an intensive effort. The choice of pants, especially as far as their length is concerned, is a matter of individual preference. Still, a good idea may turn out to be 2-in-1 pants with a removable leg. We will appreciate them, especially when a penetrating wind catches us on the summit. Fleece or softshell and a rain jacket packed in a backpack will also ensure preparation for a breakdown in the weather.

Comfortable shoes

Maximum comfort is essential while walking kilometres in the mountains, and trekking shoes can provide it. It would be good if they were equipped with a slightly higher upper and mountain sole, guaranteeing optimal cushioning and stability of your steps. Due to changeable weather conditions, waterproof models are the best choice. The size of shoes is also essential – too tight or too loose will make it especially difficult for us to go down from the mountains. An alternative for hot weather is also mountain sandals, which are suitable for less demanding trails. You should also choose good socks to go with your shoes. Instead of sweat-storing cotton, opt for merino wool reinforced with synthetic fibres, which will allow your feet to breathe.

Protection from the sun

Although it encourages day hikes in the mountains, summer weather means strong exposure to the sun, which on the trails will be even more severe than in the lowlands. A cap or a hat will protect us from harmful UV rays and be placed in our backpacks. It should be made of light and airy materials and equipped with a special mesh. An exciting alternative is multifunctional buff slings, which can be tied in many ways. With their help, we can also create a practical scarf, wristband or hairband. In addition, do not forget to take sunscreen with a high protection factor, which will protect against painful burns. Finally, sunglasses with a UV filter will protect our eyes.

Water supply

During intensive workouts, do not forget to regularly refill the water. It is essential, especially if you plan to hike in the heat. A reusable bottle, which you can fill up in a mountain chalet or with water from a mountain stream, will protect you from dehydration. Another convenient solution is a water bottle, which will provide us with freedom of drinking while walking. It might be good to take a thermos with you, but unlike in winter, we should pour the cooled beverage into it. This way, it will keep its low temperature for longer.

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