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Although the beginning of this year’s spring weather is not spoiling us, everything points to a significant improvement which is to take place soon. It’s high time – after all, May is getting closer and closer, the favourite long weekend of many of us. This is a perfect opportunity to start the travel season and go to the mountains. We recommend Beskid Śląski and one of its most popular resorts – Szczyrk. How to plan a stay in this climatic town?

May Holidays 2023 in Szczyrk – when is it?


May Holiday 2023 will start this year on Saturday, April 29th, as May 1st, i.e. Labour Day, falls on Monday. The next day off – May 3rd Constitution Day – is Wednesday. This means that if we plan 3 days off in the first week of May, we can give ourselves a longer stay of up to 9 days.

However, regardless of the length of the trip, it is worth adjusting its plan to our personal needs and expectations. Nobody can be bored in the mountains! Especially in Szczyrk, located picturesquely in the Beskidy range, plenty of attractions await both adults and children.

Attractions for everyone – how to plan a May holiday in Szczyrk?

  • Hiking along the Beskid trails

The beautiful surroundings of Szczyrk are a natural paradise for hiking enthusiasts. Perfectly marked trails provide excellent views and, most importantly, are ideal for both seasoned hikers and the less active. Those spending their May weekend in the mountains will find, among other things, Skrzyczne, the peak towering over the town. The highest mountain, 1257 m above sea level, belonging to the Crown of Polish Mountains, can be reached via the blue trail from Szczyrk itself and a chairlift. We also recommend climbing Klimczok and trips to the Salmopol Pass and Malinów. Also worth seeing are Malinowska Skała, Kotarz and the Karkoszczonka Pass.

  • Discover the charms of the town

Another attraction worth visiting during your stay in Szczyrk in May is the renovated pedestrian zone by the Żylica River, which allows you to discover the town’s charm. It is an ideal place for taking unhurried walks and jogging, Nordic walking, or cycling. Children’s hearts will be stolen by a visit to the Eliksir horse stud, located at the foot of the Skalite and Skrzyczne mountains. Children will be thrilled by a ride on a lunge. During your stay in Szczyrk in May, a must-see is also a visit to the complex of three ski jumps on the northern slope of Skalite Mountain. In case of bad weather, we recommend visiting the Beskid Art Gallery.

When planning a May weekend in Szczyrk, it is worth remembering its convenient location, which allows you to freely explore the area. In particular, we encourage you to visit Wisła, just over 20 km away, where a variety of attractions await you, including those associated with Adam Małysz – the ski jump named after him and a museum with the ski jumper’s trophies. Children will enjoy rides on the Wisla Train. At the same time, nature lovers will be delighted by a stroll through the Biała Wiselka Valley and the nearby Czerniańskie Lake in Wisła Czarne. In addition to Wisla, it is also worth visiting Istebna. Another 13 km away, where you will find, among other things:

  • Museum of Lace,
  • Chamber of Memory of Jerzy Kukuczka,
  • Chata Kawuloka, located on the trail of the Wooden Architecture Route.
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