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gdzie zjeść w Szczyrku

Culinary routes in Szczyrk

Are you planning a stay in Szczyrk and wondering where to have a delicious meal after a day full of attractions? If so, be sure to join us on the culinary trail! We’ll tell you what dishes you should taste during your holiday in Szczyrk and where to find delicious meals.

The regional cuisine of Beskid Slaski

The Silesian Beskid region is famous for its delicious dishes based on potatoes and sauerkraut. Therefore, when visiting Szczyrk and the nearby towns, it is worth looking for polesnik – potato pancakes baked in the oven on cabbage leaves, sztuchanka – mashed potatoes with fried onions and pork crackling, kwaśnica, cabbage with zosmożkóm and szpyrki, karp broth or delicious sheep cheese – on the menus of local restaurants. Indeed, all of these dishes will delight you and allow you to discover entirely new culinary tastes.

Restaurants in Szczyrk – where to eat?

1.    Markowa Destylarnia Restaurant

Markowa Destylarnia is a Company Restaurant of Regional Vodkas. You can find simple but tasty dishes on the menu, including tartar, burgers, ribs, and Salmopolski trout. There are also dishes based on mushrooms and cheese. The menu is changed seasonally, so something delicious awaits the gourmets here at any time of the year.

2.    Stara Karczma Restaurant

The Stara Karczma Restaurant offers dishes based on regional, old Polish recipes. In addition, the menu includes such specialities as roast leg of lamb or lamb shanks. For non-motorized guests, we recommend tasting Miodula Szczyrkowska – a vodka-based on honeydew honey.

3.    Gościniec Salmopolski

The restaurant specializes in fresh fish from a private fish farm near the Guesthouse. Next to the facility is located a source of crystal clear water, used precisely for fish farming. You can catch sturgeon from the stream, a noble variety of brook trout, seasonally carp, catfish, and crayfish. They are prepared in many different ways. So indeed, every fish lover will find something delicious here.

4.    Pierogarnia Bracka

Pierogrania is a very climatic place where you can taste dumplings prepared in many different ways. Traditional, sweet and for the brave ones – with cheese, spinach, lentils, and in summer with fruit. Every dumpling lover will find something for themselves.

5.    The View Café Bar on the 6th floor

The View Café is the highest located restaurant in Szczyrk, 660 m above sea level. From the café, there is a beautiful view of the mountain panorama of the Silesian Beskid peaks, including the Skrzyczne mountain. Here you can enjoy homemade cakes baked on the spot and widely popular desserts. In addition, we recommend a variety of teas and coffees.

Delicious breakfasts at the Przystanek Góry

Also, in the Przystanek Góry, we do our best so that our guests can taste Beskid specialities every morning. We serve many products from local producers for buffet breakfasts – natural cheeses, honey or eggs from happy hens. After all, an excellent start to the day is critical to have the energy for sightseeing and mountain activities.

stoki w Beskidach

The ski season in Beskidy Mountains has started. Check out the best slopes!

Great news for skiing fans – the Beskid skiing season has just started! Well-prepared slopes await avid skiers and snowboarders. The winter weather and perfect conditions on the ski slopes encourage activity. So, which ski resorts can you choose while staying at the Przystanek Góry? We suggest!

Beskid Sport Arena

The well-known and popular resort in the Biła Valley – Beskid Sport Arena – has started. On Friday, December 10, the season was inaugurated by evening skiing. For the fans of winter madness, there will be waiting trails with a modern snowmaking system and lighting, extending at a total length of 3.5 km and three comfortable ski lifts. There will also be a professional ski school and kindergarten, ski and snowboard rental and winter equipment service. Furthermore, there are ski slopes of different levels of advancement at your disposal – every lover of winter sports will find something for himself among them.

More information: https://beskidsportarena.pl/

Szczyrk Mountain Resort

On December 11, the first guests were welcomed to Szczyrk Mountain Resort. The resort offers skiers and snowboarders the most scenic routes in Szczyrk – route number 3b with the B5 chairlift to Zbojnicka Kopa and route number 2 with the T-bar to Małe Skrzyczne. On Saturday, December 18, the third route – no. 4 – was opened. Thus the total length of trails in the resort – open daily from 8:30 a.m. – will already amount to 5.5 km. A lot of fun for families will also be provided by attractions prepared for this season – Teddy Bear Max Academy, i.e. group skiing lessons for children and planned for the winter holiday’s Sports Academy of Teddy Bear Max, where older kids will be able to improve their skiing technique.

More information: https://www.szczyrkowski.pl/

White Cross

As the first one in Szczyrk, the White Cross Ski Complex was launched on the picturesque Salmopolska Pass this year. The ski lift available there is open from 9:00 to 20:00 (Monday-Friday) and from 8:00 to 20:00 (Saturday-Sunday). The slopes are suitable for both beginners and experienced skiers. You can also ask for help from instructors and rent equipment.

More information: https://bialykrzyz.com.pl/


The opening of the season in Skrzyczne COS took place on December 18. Intensive recent preparations are coming to an end – favorable conditions have allowed the resort owners to maximize the use of the snowmaking system. Skiers and snowboarders will enjoy the launched FIS route leading from the top to the intermediate station Jaworzyna. The resort and the cable car will be open daily from 8:00 to 15:30.

Detailed information on the website: http://www.skrzyczne.cos.pl/

Planning a winter trip to the Beskids on skis or snowboard? The 2021/2022 season has already started! We encourage you to follow the news on the websites and Facebook profiles of the Beskid ski resorts. In addition, you can find there current open runs and live video feeds from the slopes.