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Szczyrk and surroundings in lousy weather. 5 places worth seeing when the weather is not conducive to mountain hiking

Although the weather in the mountains can be erratic, do not let it spoil your long-awaited trip. When the weather outside the window is not conducive to hiking in the mountains, we can discover the attractions of the lowlands. Szczyrk and its surroundings offer numerous ways to spend time on rainy days. There is something for everyone – mystery fans, those who want to relax their bodies, those who like water frenzy and those who are interested in sports history.

Chata Tajemnic Escape Room, Szczyrk

We recommend to mystery lovers Escape Room – Chata Tajemnic located in Szczyrk. Several scenarios of fun have been prepared for the visitors. So you can play the role of the best students of magic school, stray tourists for whom the biggest attraction of Szczyrk is escaping from a mountain hut of a highlander – murderer, descendants of a researcher of writing and culture leading the life in Yucatan or create an anti-terrorist team aiming at neutralizing a terrorist group. But, unfortunately, the time to solve the mystery and leave the room is limited!

Brine graduation tower, Szczyrk

Those who want to take care of their health should visit the brine graduation tower located in the Central Sports Center – Olympic Preparations Center in Szczyrk. The Crystal Salt Chamber was made of natural rock salt crystals. A stay in the graduation tower has a solid health-promoting effect – it perfectly strengthens the immune system, which is worth taking care of, especially during the autumn and winter. The graduation tower is open daily from 10:30 to 20:15, sessions last 45 minutes. The entrance fee is 10PLN.

Jerzy Kukuczka Memorial Chamber, Istebna

Suppose you are interested in the history of Polish Himalayan mountaineering and its leading figure, Jerzy Kukuczka. In that case, we encourage you to visit the Chamber of Memory dedicated to him in Istebna-Wilcze, in the family house of the climber. You can see numerous photographs of expeditions, climbing equipment, medals, decorations and books on mountain topics, and above all, feel the spirit of the famous Himalayan climber. Visits are possible after prior telephone arrangements.

The Tropikana pool complex in the Golebiewski Hotel, Wisla

Fans of water frenzy will have a lot of fun visiting the Tropikana swimming pool complex in the Golebiewski Hotel in Wisla. The water park offers a 25m long swimming pool, a 20m long recreational pool with waves and water spouts, a swimming pool with hydro-aerial massage, a paddling pool for children, outdoor pools open in the summer, and a terrace with deck chairs. Dry, steam and hypothermic grotto saunas and 8 Jacuzzi tubs are also available on site. The pool is open Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Adam Malysz Sports Trophy Gallery, Wisla

A visit to Wisla will also be a real treat for fans of Adam Malysz. Here, in the ski jumper’s town, a gallery presents sports trophies, including the most valuable medals won during the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City and Vancouver and Crystal Globes for triumphs in the overall World Cup. In the gallery, we can also see the ski equipment.

The gallery is open in season daily from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. After the season, from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and on Sundays from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Admission: 10PLN for adults, 9PLN for adults children.

co zabrać na wyprawę w góry

What to take on a trip to the mountains?

Pleasant temperatures, longer days, and availability of trails – summer hiking is a proven recipe for a successful vacation. However, no matter what time of year it is, every trip needs to be well prepared to ensure comfort and safety during the climb. Therefore, we suggest what to pack for a trip on the Beskid trails!

Appropriate clothing

In the mountains, there is a rule to wear several layers of clothing. This applies not only on cold winter days but also in the summer. Weather, which is good in the valleys, during the climbing or the passing of the day may change dynamically. It is worth being prepared for any eventuality. During the holiday season, clothing made of thermal-regulating synthetic fibres or merino wool reigns supreme on the trails – thin T-shirts wick moisture effectively, dry quickly and are odour resistant. In addition, many models feature UV protection and even cooling technology. Cotton shirts do not work at all as they create a “wet compress” on your back after an intensive effort. The choice of pants, especially as far as their length is concerned, is a matter of individual preference. Still, a good idea may turn out to be 2-in-1 pants with a removable leg. We will appreciate them, especially when a penetrating wind catches us on the summit. Fleece or softshell and a rain jacket packed in a backpack will also ensure preparation for a breakdown in the weather.

Comfortable shoes

Maximum comfort is essential while walking kilometres in the mountains, and trekking shoes can provide it. It would be good if they were equipped with a slightly higher upper and mountain sole, guaranteeing optimal cushioning and stability of your steps. Due to changeable weather conditions, waterproof models are the best choice. The size of shoes is also essential – too tight or too loose will make it especially difficult for us to go down from the mountains. An alternative for hot weather is also mountain sandals, which are suitable for less demanding trails. You should also choose good socks to go with your shoes. Instead of sweat-storing cotton, opt for merino wool reinforced with synthetic fibres, which will allow your feet to breathe.

Protection from the sun

Although it encourages day hikes in the mountains, summer weather means strong exposure to the sun, which on the trails will be even more severe than in the lowlands. A cap or a hat will protect us from harmful UV rays and be placed in our backpacks. It should be made of light and airy materials and equipped with a special mesh. An exciting alternative is multifunctional buff slings, which can be tied in many ways. With their help, we can also create a practical scarf, wristband or hairband. In addition, do not forget to take sunscreen with a high protection factor, which will protect against painful burns. Finally, sunglasses with a UV filter will protect our eyes.

Water supply

During intensive workouts, do not forget to regularly refill the water. It is essential, especially if you plan to hike in the heat. A reusable bottle, which you can fill up in a mountain chalet or with water from a mountain stream, will protect you from dehydration. Another convenient solution is a water bottle, which will provide us with freedom of drinking while walking. It might be good to take a thermos with you, but unlike in winter, we should pour the cooled beverage into it. This way, it will keep its low temperature for longer.

Szlaki piesze w Szczyrku

Hiking trails in Szczyrk – what is worth visiting?

Walking in the mountains is an excellent form of physical activity, which provides close contact with nature. The picturesque surroundings of Szczyrk are ideal for hiking. Well marked and varied trails offer beautiful views that will delight anyone. Here is an overview of the three most interesting routes for hikers, in our opinion!

From the Salmopol Pass to Skrzyczne

Our list opens with a route to the highest peak of Beskid Śląski, i.e. Skrzyczne, 1257 m above sea level. You can get to the top not only on foot but also by train from Szczyrk. However, those who complete the peaks belonging to the Crown of Polish Mountains have several trails to choose from – including the red trail we recommend and then the green one from the Salmopol Pass (Biały Krzyż). This one, although slightly longer than the others, offers by far the most picturesque views. On the way, there is a stop at Malinowska Skala. The hardships of the trek will be rewarded by the unique panorama of the Beskid Śląski, Beskid Żywiecki, Tatra Mountains – both Polish and Slovak and even Mala Fatra. At the top, there is also the PTTK Skrzyczne mountain hostel, an observation deck, the upper cableway station and the Radio and Television Broadcasting Centre with a characteristic mast.

Length: 7.9 km
Walking time: 2h45min
Route preview on the Tourist Map

To Klimczok and Błatnia with a stop at Uncle Tom’s Cottage

Another trail worth following while staying in Szczyrk leads to Klimczok (1117 m), which is the highest peak located in the northern part of the Silesian Beskid. We start the trip in the very centre of the town, and after a short while, we start a steep, rocky, but not very long climb through the forest. Following the yellow trail, you will reach Uncle Tom’s Cottage, a shelter on the Karkoszczonka Pass. A stylish highlander cottage, arranged in an old plantation from 1918, is an ideal place for a short stopover. Afterwards, continue along the red trail towards Siodlo pod Klimczokiem. From here, return to the yellow trail and hike through Trzy Kopce pod Klimczokiem to reach the PTTK mountain hostel on Błatnia.

Length: 10.2 km
Walking time: 3h47min
Route preview on the Tourist Map

PTTK Szyndzielnia via Siodło pod Klimczokiem

The ranking closes with a slightly shorter, though no less scenic, the blue trail to Klimczok with a visit to the PTTK Szyndzielnia mountain hostel. Similarly to the other trails, you start in the centre of Szczyrk. At the height of the slalom slope, the trail turns right into Wrzosowa Street to start climbing up the bends up to the Na Górce Sanctuary, located at 670 metres. From here, there is a view of Skrzyczne. Going further in the north-western direction, you ascend along a forest road directly to Siodlo pod Klimczokiem. Less than several dozens of meters above the pass, in an eastward direction, there is Klimczok Hostel. However, we continue the route north along the red trail leading to the PTTK Szyndzielnia Mountain Hostel.

Length: 6.6 km
Walking time: 2h40min
Route preview on the Tourist Map

majówka w Szczyrku

May holidays in Szczyrk – what to do?

Although the beginning of this year’s spring weather is not spoiling us, everything points to a significant improvement which is to take place soon. It’s high time – after all, May is getting closer and closer, the favourite long weekend of many of us. This is a perfect opportunity to start the travel season and go to the mountains. We recommend Beskid Śląski and one of its most popular resorts – Szczyrk. How to plan a stay in this climatic town?

May Holidays 2023 in Szczyrk – when is it?


May Holiday 2023 will start this year on Saturday, April 29th, as May 1st, i.e. Labour Day, falls on Monday. The next day off – May 3rd Constitution Day – is Wednesday. This means that if we plan 3 days off in the first week of May, we can give ourselves a longer stay of up to 9 days.

However, regardless of the length of the trip, it is worth adjusting its plan to our personal needs and expectations. Nobody can be bored in the mountains! Especially in Szczyrk, located picturesquely in the Beskidy range, plenty of attractions await both adults and children.

Attractions for everyone – how to plan a May holiday in Szczyrk?

  • Hiking along the Beskid trails

The beautiful surroundings of Szczyrk are a natural paradise for hiking enthusiasts. Perfectly marked trails provide excellent views and, most importantly, are ideal for both seasoned hikers and the less active. Those spending their May weekend in the mountains will find, among other things, Skrzyczne, the peak towering over the town. The highest mountain, 1257 m above sea level, belonging to the Crown of Polish Mountains, can be reached via the blue trail from Szczyrk itself and a chairlift. We also recommend climbing Klimczok and trips to the Salmopol Pass and Malinów. Also worth seeing are Malinowska Skała, Kotarz and the Karkoszczonka Pass.

  • Discover the charms of the town

Another attraction worth visiting during your stay in Szczyrk in May is the renovated pedestrian zone by the Żylica River, which allows you to discover the town’s charm. It is an ideal place for taking unhurried walks and jogging, Nordic walking, or cycling. Children’s hearts will be stolen by a visit to the Eliksir horse stud, located at the foot of the Skalite and Skrzyczne mountains. Children will be thrilled by a ride on a lunge. During your stay in Szczyrk in May, a must-see is also a visit to the complex of three ski jumps on the northern slope of Skalite Mountain. In case of bad weather, we recommend visiting the Beskid Art Gallery.

When planning a May weekend in Szczyrk, it is worth remembering its convenient location, which allows you to freely explore the area. In particular, we encourage you to visit Wisła, just over 20 km away, where a variety of attractions await you, including those associated with Adam Małysz – the ski jump named after him and a museum with the ski jumper’s trophies. Children will enjoy rides on the Wisla Train. At the same time, nature lovers will be delighted by a stroll through the Biała Wiselka Valley and the nearby Czerniańskie Lake in Wisła Czarne. In addition to Wisla, it is also worth visiting Istebna. Another 13 km away, where you will find, among other things:

  • Museum of Lace,
  • Chamber of Memory of Jerzy Kukuczka,
  • Chata Kawuloka, located on the trail of the Wooden Architecture Route.
wiosenna regeneracja w Szczyrku

Spring regeneration – how to keep fit?

Winter is usually a time of reduced activity and more frequent infections. Changeable weather conditions, quickly falling dusk and less sunlight result in longer sitting indoors instead of outdoors. For this reason, many of us are so excited about the prospect of the approaching spring. How to prepare for the new season? What will promote the regeneration of our vital and mental forces? You will read about this in the article.

How to take care of your form in the spring? Discover 5 proven methods!

1.    Take care of mental and physical health

The upcoming spring and waking nature can ideally “recharge” our internal batteries. However, to take advantage of the changes taking place, we must first take care of our own health. For this purpose, it is worth doing some essential examinations to ensure that we are ready for more activity. We should also take care of work-life balance, properly balancing the time spent on work and rest. Finally, we must remember that stress is our enemy and always has a negative impact on our health.

2.    Remember about balanced diet and hydration

Although sometimes we think that the commonly known saying “you are what you eat” is an overused platitude, it turns out to be very accurate in practice. To regenerate your body after winter and gain energy, you need a proper diet. So make sure that before the arrival of spring on your plate, every day there are vegetables and fruits. Avoid too much theine and caffeine, and drink at least two liters of water instead. Minimize sugar and salt in your diet, instead opt for natural juices, which are a source of vitamins.

3.    Take care to relax

Various relaxation treatments also have a beneficial effect on the regeneration of your body. Meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, massages – there are many possibilities. Find time for activities that give you joy and allow you to forget about the hardships of a busy life. A good book, going to the pool, meeting friends will undoubtedly enable you to look at the world around you with optimism.

4.    Opt for a detox

Spring regeneration will take place faster if we take care of a detox. Processed food, sweets and lack of exercise slow down our metabolism. Then we feel constantly tired, lack energy and find it difficult to greet each new day. This trend can be reversed by periodic fasting, juice detox or sauna.

5.    Be active

Another proven way of spring regeneration is activity. We recommend first of all the outdoor activity. A walk after a hard day’s work will soothe your nerves and allow you to relax. A weekend trip outside the city or to the mountains will achieve even better results.

For those who want to rest close to nature, we recommend activity on the Beskid trails. There is no shortage of them in Szczyrk and its surroundings, and the difficulty of the routes can be gradually increased, at the same time communing with the awakening nature. After the activity, we invite you to relax in the Przystanek Góry, which offers comfortably equipped rooms with bathrooms, provides delicious breakfasts based on regional specialties and offers guests a garden with many attractions. You can be sure that time spent in such a way will foster regeneration and make our bodies ready for the arrival of spring.

gdzie zjeść w Szczyrku

Culinary routes in Szczyrk

Are you planning a stay in Szczyrk and wondering where to have a delicious meal after a day full of attractions? If so, be sure to join us on the culinary trail! We’ll tell you what dishes you should taste during your holiday in Szczyrk and where to find delicious meals.

The regional cuisine of Beskid Slaski

The Silesian Beskid region is famous for its delicious dishes based on potatoes and sauerkraut. Therefore, when visiting Szczyrk and the nearby towns, it is worth looking for polesnik – potato pancakes baked in the oven on cabbage leaves, sztuchanka – mashed potatoes with fried onions and pork crackling, kwaśnica, cabbage with zosmożkóm and szpyrki, karp broth or delicious sheep cheese – on the menus of local restaurants. Indeed, all of these dishes will delight you and allow you to discover entirely new culinary tastes.

Restaurants in Szczyrk – where to eat?

1.    Markowa Destylarnia Restaurant

Markowa Destylarnia is a Company Restaurant of Regional Vodkas. You can find simple but tasty dishes on the menu, including tartar, burgers, ribs, and Salmopolski trout. There are also dishes based on mushrooms and cheese. The menu is changed seasonally, so something delicious awaits the gourmets here at any time of the year.

2.    Stara Karczma Restaurant

The Stara Karczma Restaurant offers dishes based on regional, old Polish recipes. In addition, the menu includes such specialities as roast leg of lamb or lamb shanks. For non-motorized guests, we recommend tasting Miodula Szczyrkowska – a vodka-based on honeydew honey.

3.    Gościniec Salmopolski

The restaurant specializes in fresh fish from a private fish farm near the Guesthouse. Next to the facility is located a source of crystal clear water, used precisely for fish farming. You can catch sturgeon from the stream, a noble variety of brook trout, seasonally carp, catfish, and crayfish. They are prepared in many different ways. So indeed, every fish lover will find something delicious here.

4.    Pierogarnia Bracka

Pierogrania is a very climatic place where you can taste dumplings prepared in many different ways. Traditional, sweet and for the brave ones – with cheese, spinach, lentils, and in summer with fruit. Every dumpling lover will find something for themselves.

5.    The View Café Bar on the 6th floor

The View Café is the highest located restaurant in Szczyrk, 660 m above sea level. From the café, there is a beautiful view of the mountain panorama of the Silesian Beskid peaks, including the Skrzyczne mountain. Here you can enjoy homemade cakes baked on the spot and widely popular desserts. In addition, we recommend a variety of teas and coffees.

Delicious breakfasts at the Przystanek Góry

Also, in the Przystanek Góry, we do our best so that our guests can taste Beskid specialities every morning. We serve many products from local producers for buffet breakfasts – natural cheeses, honey or eggs from happy hens. After all, an excellent start to the day is critical to have the energy for sightseeing and mountain activities.

stoki w Beskidach

The ski season in Beskidy Mountains has started. Check out the best slopes!

Great news for skiing fans – the Beskid skiing season has just started! Well-prepared slopes await avid skiers and snowboarders. The winter weather and perfect conditions on the ski slopes encourage activity. So, which ski resorts can you choose while staying at the Przystanek Góry? We suggest!

Beskid Sport Arena

The well-known and popular resort in the Biła Valley – Beskid Sport Arena – has started. On Friday, December 10, the season was inaugurated by evening skiing. For the fans of winter madness, there will be waiting trails with a modern snowmaking system and lighting, extending at a total length of 3.5 km and three comfortable ski lifts. There will also be a professional ski school and kindergarten, ski and snowboard rental and winter equipment service. Furthermore, there are ski slopes of different levels of advancement at your disposal – every lover of winter sports will find something for himself among them.

More information: https://beskidsportarena.pl/

Szczyrk Mountain Resort

On December 11, the first guests were welcomed to Szczyrk Mountain Resort. The resort offers skiers and snowboarders the most scenic routes in Szczyrk – route number 3b with the B5 chairlift to Zbojnicka Kopa and route number 2 with the T-bar to Małe Skrzyczne. On Saturday, December 18, the third route – no. 4 – was opened. Thus the total length of trails in the resort – open daily from 8:30 a.m. – will already amount to 5.5 km. A lot of fun for families will also be provided by attractions prepared for this season – Teddy Bear Max Academy, i.e. group skiing lessons for children and planned for the winter holiday’s Sports Academy of Teddy Bear Max, where older kids will be able to improve their skiing technique.

More information: https://www.szczyrkowski.pl/

White Cross

As the first one in Szczyrk, the White Cross Ski Complex was launched on the picturesque Salmopolska Pass this year. The ski lift available there is open from 9:00 to 20:00 (Monday-Friday) and from 8:00 to 20:00 (Saturday-Sunday). The slopes are suitable for both beginners and experienced skiers. You can also ask for help from instructors and rent equipment.

More information: https://bialykrzyz.com.pl/


The opening of the season in Skrzyczne COS took place on December 18. Intensive recent preparations are coming to an end – favorable conditions have allowed the resort owners to maximize the use of the snowmaking system. Skiers and snowboarders will enjoy the launched FIS route leading from the top to the intermediate station Jaworzyna. The resort and the cable car will be open daily from 8:00 to 15:30.

Detailed information on the website: http://www.skrzyczne.cos.pl/

Planning a winter trip to the Beskids on skis or snowboard? The 2021/2022 season has already started! We encourage you to follow the news on the websites and Facebook profiles of the Beskid ski resorts. In addition, you can find there current open runs and live video feeds from the slopes.


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