skitury w Beskidach

An alternative to classic skis and snowboarding, an excellent substitute for hiking in winter, is how to ski touring can be briefly described. Known for many years and now popular again, ski touring is a perfect option for those who already practice winter sports and people who love hiking in the mountains. So why should you start your adventure with ski touring? Here are some reasons and solutions to make it easier.

Choose your favourite routes – check out the possibilities of ski touring

Thanks to its specific construction, touring skis offer more possibilities than their counterparts from the slopes. Thanks to its particular structure, it allows you not only to ski downhill or move on flat terrain. They also allow climbing and moving on a challenging route with different snow thicknesses.

They are also distinguished by their weight. They are lightweight and durable. An essential element of the touring skis is the seals – a material piece attached to the ski slope, which provides an excellent grip even in difficult terrain. It is interesting to note that seals were made of animal skin in ancient times, which is how they got their name. In addition, this type of ski has flexible bindings that allow you to change the position of your foot.

Where to start your skiing adventure?

Ski touring is ideal for those who already do winter sports and for laymen looking for an activity for the colder months. No matter how advanced you are, it’s a good idea to start by taking an instructor-led course to learn the proper technique, how to ski correctly, and how to cope with changing terrain.
If you are still unsure whether this sport is for you, it is worth renting equipment. In Szczyrk alone, within a few kilometres from Przystanek Góry, at least two rental companies offer this type of skiing.

The Beskids – a combination of close proximity to nature and interesting skit routes

Picturesque terrains and, at the same time, a good base of rental shops and courses run in the region make the Silesian Beskids a good destination for those who want to try this sport. In addition, ski touring fans often use charming places that are also familiar to them from their mountain hiking trips.
In the close proximity of the Przystanek Góry, there is, among others, a route dedicated to fans of ski touring leading to Skrzyczne. In the area, fans of this type of skiing have a chance to see Malinowska Skała, try to conquer Klimczok, and even take the longer trail to the Orle Gniazdo. Before the trip, it is worth talking to an instructor or checking out popular routes on the Traseo portal. This way, we can choose the optimal activity variant – adjusted to our skills and condition. You will have a chance to see many picturesque places inaccessible to those who ski on traditional slopes. Although this sport requires physical stamina due to the need to climb the peaks on your own, the effort is compensated by adrenaline and the possibility of close contact with nature. We invite you to see for yourself how rich the offer for active winter tourists is in Szczyrk. We will take care of your regeneration and rest after skiing in Przystanek Góry!

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