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Caves in Szczyrk – which ones are worth visiting?

The caves in Szczyrk are an exciting alternative to the most popular attractions in the area. Some of the caves can be visited alone, without any experience. Others are organized tours under the supervision of a qualified guide. So which caves are worth visiting during your stay in the region? Here are the recommendations of Przystanek Góry!

The Ice Cave

The Ice Cave, whose name refers to the characteristic fairy-tale ice dripstone formations covering its walls, is located on the southeast slope of Hyrca (which separates the valley of the Żylica River with Szczyrk from the Hungarian Creek valley). It is recommended both for inexperienced tourists and families with children. The short cave, measuring only 32 m, can be explored without special equipment – you will only need a flashlight. The cave is also known as the Partisan Cave because local partisan units sought refuge during World War II. 

Malinowska Cave

One of the most famous caves in Szczyrk is Malinowska Cave. It is a cave of landslide type, which can be visited only by people with experience and the necessary mountaineering equipment. Two trails lead to the cave – the red one from the Salmopol Pass and the green one from Szczyrk Solisko to Malinow. The time needed to visit this cave is about 3 hours. 

Jaworzyna Cave

The next place on our list is the Jaworzyna Cave. It is located on the northern slopes of Skrzyczne, where the blue trail leads. Getting there from the center of Szczyrk takes about 1.5 hours. An additional hour is needed to explore the underground corridors, which form a complex of four cave rooms connected by narrow passages. The entrance to the cave is located near the cableway station on Jaworzyna. 

The cave in Trzy Kopce

Another cave – in Trzy Kopce – is one of the longest (1254 m) and largest caves in the entire Beskid Mountains. The entrance to it is located on the southern slopes of Trzy Kopce, to which it owes its name. The yellow trail from Klimczok to Błatnia leads to the 1.2 km long cave. You should spend about 2 hours exploring the underground corridors. Experienced tourists can visit the cave independently, and people without appropriate skills can see it with a guide. 

Salmopolska Cave

The last one on our list – Salmopolska Cave (located on the western slopes of the Salmopolska Pass) – is another place that can be visited with a guide. Its main attraction is the exciting cave halls. The time required to go through the cave is about 3 hours. Many sections need visitors to crawl and squeeze through narrow tunnels. 

Here ends our “guided tour” through the most interesting caves in Beskidy. On the occasion of your next stay in Szczyrk, we recommend planning a visit to the surrounding caves. And after an exciting trip, we invite you to comfortable rest in our Przystanek Góry. 

Note: It is best to visit the Beskid caves (except for the Ice Cave) with a local guide, who will ensure safe passage through the underground corridors and tell you more about the explored place. For more information, contact the tourist information office in Szczyrk:

41 Beskidzka St.

tel.: 33 815 83 88 


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