Christmas in the mountains – why is it worth it?

Christmas is an extraordinary time of the year, filled with meetings with loved ones at a lavishly set the table. However, the magic atmosphere of these special days can be disturbed by intensive preparations – general cleaning and hours spent in the kitchen. How about spending Christmas outside the house? We invite you to enjoy a peace-filled Christmas Eve in Szczyrk – at the Przystanek Góry!

Christmas in the mountains – is it a good idea?

Buying presents, cleaning the house, decorating the Christmas tree, cooking Christmas dishes – the list of pre-Christmas duties is really long. As a result, instead of taking pleasure and satisfaction from the atmosphere of these special days, we often feel simply tired of them. What if, for once, we could forget about the stressful and time-consuming preparations and spend Christmas away from home? Christmas in the mountains is a great way to get away from the annual pre-Christmas rush and experience a real family Christmas in the breathtaking mountain scenery. It is also a unique opportunity to experience a truly white Christmas, which is rare in cities. Christmas in the mountains will also delight lovers of active recreation. Skiing or boarding and hiking on snowy trails will allow us to burn off excess calories.

What does Christmas in the mountains look like?

A Christmas stay in the mountains lets you forget about tiring preparations and enjoy the time spent with your family and the surrounding beautiful nature. Many people, however, wonder what Christmas spent in a hotel instead of at home is like. Mountain lovers who decide to spend their last December days away from home can take advantage of offers prepared for Christmas. In addition to comfortable accommodation with delicious food, they include many facilities also prepare a variety of attractions. Christmas Eve dinner, sleigh rides with a bonfire or Christmas carol concerts will put the gathered guests in a truly festive atmosphere. All that makes Christmas in the mountains a great, because unusual, and at the same time unforgettable way to celebrate those special days of the year.

Unforgettable time in an intimate place – Christmas in the mountains

The unique climate of the Polish mountains attracts visitors at any time of the year. However, it is winter that provides unique experiences. Christmas in our Przystanek Góry, located in picturesque Szczyrk, is a proven recipe for a successful Christmas – filled with relaxation, the companionship of loved ones and beautiful winter landscapes. Guests who decide to spend Christmas in Beskid Slaski will enjoy comfortable accommodation in fully equipped rooms and suites with bathrooms, which are a guarantee of a peaceful, restful stay. In addition, the facility near the city center will provide active recreation for skiing fans on the slopes and hiking trails nearby. There are also plenty of attractions for the youngest guests. A well-equipped playroom and engaging animations are waiting.

For all interested in Christmas in the mountains, we recommend booking your holiday in advance. Don’t hesitate – plan your family Christmas in Szczyrk today!

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