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TOP 5 attractions in Szczyrk in the summer

Szczyrk, the ski capital of Poland, has plenty of attractions to offer, regardless of the season. We especially invite you to visit the mountain town in summer, when it tempts you with the possibility of active recreation. So, what summer attractions await you during your vacation in the Silesian Beskid? Below are the TOP 5 attractions of Szczyrk for summer. Add them to the plan of your holiday stay in the mountains!

Railroad to Skrzyczne

Skrzyczne is the most famous peak in Szczyrk, towering above this well-known and well-liked town. It is also the highest peak in the entire Silesian Beskid (1257 meters above sea level). It belongs to the Crown of the Polish Mountains. During your summer vacation, you can ascend Skrzyczne by chairlift, allowing you to admire the magnificent views. The lift is divided into two sections. From Szczyrk to Hala Jaworzyna (length 1592 m, level difference 406 m). Second from Hala Jaworzyna to Skrzyczne length 1181 m, level difference 296 m). It takes about 15 minutes to traverse one section.

Hiking trails in and around Szczyrk

Szczyrk is an excellent destination for trekking enthusiasts. Summer hiking is encouraged by the surrounding trails, including the Skrzyczne mentioned above and Klimczok – the two highest hills surrounding the mountain town. Beautiful views will also be provided by reaching Karkoszczonka Pass, Malinowska Skała and Salmopol Pass.

Ice Cave

Those looking for a respite from the summer heat are recommended to visit the caves around Szczyrk. The Ice Cave, where you will experience a pleasant refreshment on hot days, refers to the characteristic fairy-tale ice dripstones covering its walls. The 32-meter-long cave can be visited by inexperienced tourists, including families with children. Be sure to take flashlights with you.

Biking routes in Szczyrk

A summer stay in Szczyrk will also be quite a treat for fans of two wheels. Szczyrk Enduro Trails by TREK is a unique complex of one-way singletrack bicycle paths on a regional and national scale. The avid cyclists have at their disposal specially profiled trails. The proper slope allows space to slow down and bumps to help overcome tight turns. In addition, there is a bike rental service for adults and children on site.

Central Sports Center in Szczyrk

The Ski Center of the Central Sports Center – Olympic Preparation Center in Szczyrk (COS – OPO) can be found on the northern slopes of Skrzyczne. One of the best ski resorts also invites you to summer activities. Tennis courts, sports halls with sports fields and an indoor swimming pool provide great fun and some respite – this is just part of the resort’s offer.

Relaxation after an active summer day awaits at the Przystanek Góry

After a day full of activity, we invite you to relax at the Przystanek Góry. We offer all those planning a summer stay in Beskid Slaski comfortable accommodation in rooms with bathrooms. Besides, we prepare delicious breakfasts, during which we serve local specialities. Our guests also have the opportunity to relax in our garden, which provides soothing views of the Beskid hills.

trasy enduro w Szczyrku

Enduro routes in Szczyrk and its surroundings

Szczyrk, picturesquely located in the Silesian Beskid between Klimczok and Skrzycze, in winter turns into a true ski eldorado. The largest and most modern ski resort in Poland, where ski lovers can enjoy dozens of kilometres of runs, does not become empty at the end of the season. When the snow melts, cyclists take the place of skiers and snowboarders. Seekers of thrills will find in Szczyrk many routes providing a shot of adrenaline. Here are the most interesting ones, which are worth testing during your stay at the Przystanek Góry!

Szczyrk Enduro Trails

In 2019, the unique Szczyrk Enduro Trails by TREK project will be launched in the ski resort, attracting winter sports enthusiasts for years. It is unique in the region and in the country complex of one-way cycling paths of singletrack type. The avid cyclists will have at their disposal specially profiled routes – with an appropriate slope, a place to slow down, and bumps to make it easier to overcome tight turns. Furthermore, the whole route has been designed away from pedestrian traffic, with safety and fun for enduro fans in mind.

There are several routes of varying difficulty and a total length of 13 km:

  1. Route 1 – Hip HopA Air designed for beginners and intermediate cyclists. Length – 2300 m, average gradient of 8.4% and a drop of 193 m.
  2. Route 2 – Otik designed for intermediate and advanced cyclists. Length – 2850 m, average gradient 12.6%, grade 360 m.
  3. Route 3 – The Robbery is designed for intermediate and advanced cyclists. Length – 1512 m, average gradient 12.6% and a drop of 190 m.
  4. Route 4 – Otesanek designed for advanced cyclists. Length – 723 m, average gradient 16.6% and a drop of 120 m.
  5. Route 5 – Loop 1 designed for beginners. Length – 650 m and average gradient of 6%.

Detailed information about the project and GPS data of trails are available on Szczyrk Mountain Resort website. Bike rental for adults and children is available on site.

Enduro Trails in Bielsko-Biała

This is not the end of the attractions – supporters of thrilling bike rides can also check out the trails in the Cygański Forest in Bielsko-Biała. Located just 15 km from the Przystanek Góry, the Enduro Trails complex is another network of one-way cycling routes. The singletracks here will delight mountain bikers, with paths of varying difficulty:
– green for beginners,
– blue for intermediate riders,
– red for advanced riders,
– black for mountain biking experts,
– orange uphill route.

A detailed description of the routes, including their purpose, average gradient, type of surface, difficulty and required skills can be found on the Enduro Trails website.

Cycling half-term holidays – active rest in a saddle

A vacation in Szczyrk is a great idea for active leisure for everyone. Unforgettable moments will be spent here also by the youngest cyclists, for whom interesting half-colonies in a saddle are waiting. Experienced instructors from Szczyrk Bike Academy invite to various bicycle trainings (individual, group and weekend). The young Progress sports school also runs classes – children and teenagers at the beginning and more advanced levels will find something for themselves in its offer. Worth mentioning are also Enduroprinceska courses organized in Bielsko-Biała, during which little princesses (but not only) can learn riding techniques in a great atmosphere in the Enduro Trails complex.

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