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Events in Szczyrk during the summer vacations

The Silesian Beskid is an ideal place for summer recreation. However, wandering along picturesque mountain trails and exploring the charms of the resorts is not all. The events planned for the vacations will also make your stay in the region more pleasant. Here is an overview of the upcoming events in Szczyrk and its surroundings – we encourage you to take part in them during your summer vacation in the Przystanek Góry.

Nuta idzie po Beskidzie – July and August

Mountain hiking in Szczyrk trails is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature, but not only – it is also a chance to get to know the local folklore. Szczyrk invites visitors to listen to highlander live music as part of the Nuta idzie Po Beskidzie (The Note Goes by the Beskids) action, which will take place in July (3, 7, 26 and 29) and August (7, 14, 21 and 28). You will be able to meet the bands on the trails between 11:00 and 13:00 on those days.

Father&Son action – July 14-15

A real treat for survival fans is family outings to the mountains – father with son and a mother with son or father with a daughter and a mother with a daughter. Expeditions with accommodation in tents take place under the watchful eye of a Beskid GOPR rescuer. In mid-July, an ascent of Klimczok is planned, accompanied by learning how to build a makeshift camp in the forest, read a map, or use a compass. Perfect parent-child integration guaranteed!

Registration is required in advance. The cost of participation is 100 PLN/pair. Subsequent survival expeditions will be organized in August: 14-15.08 with one-day accommodation on 21 and 28.08.

Beskidy without barriers – July 18

The second edition of the mountain rally for people with physical or mental disabilities is also planned for July. The micro-project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund within the INTERREG V-A Czech Republic framework – Poland Programme 2014-2020 and by the state budget through the Beskidy Euroregion. Participation in the rally is free of charge. Advance registration is required. The following editions of the rally will be held already on 8 and 28 August.

A guide is waiting – July and August

Mountain hiking lovers spending their summer vacations in Szczyrk are recommended to participate in the unique action – Guide is waiting. As part of the action, free guided tours to the mountains are organized. Participation is free of charge. Registration is required up to two days before the trip. A detailed schedule of outings:

10.07 (Saturday) – Klimczok (meeting at 9:00 at the Tourist Information)

18.07 (Sunday) – Skrzyczne (meeting at 10:00 at the bottom station of the gondola cableway)

24.07 (Saturday) Klimczok with a highlander as part of the Beskidy Culture Week (meeting at 9:00 a.m. at the Tourist Information)

31.07 (Saturday) Skrzyczne with a Highlander as part of the Beskidy Highlanders’ Week of Culture (meeting at 9:00 a.m. at the Tourist Information)

8.08 (Sunday) – Skrzyczne (meeting at 10:00 at the lower station of the gondola railroad)

14.08 (Saturday) – Klimczok (meeting at 9:00 at the Tourist Information)

22.08 (Sunday) – Skrzyczne (meeting at 10:00 at the lower cable car station)

29.08 (Sunday) – Klimczok (meeting at 9:00 a.m. at Tourist Information)

Beskidy Highlanders’ Week of Culture July 24 – August 1

A great attraction for lovers of folklore and folk art will be the next edition of the Beskidy Highlanders’ Week of Culture, organized since 1964. The festival of music, dance and song is a series of events that will take place not only in Szczyrk – at St. James Square, but also in Wisła, Żywiec, Maków Podhalański, Oświęcim, Istebna, Ujsoły and Jabłonków between July 24 and August 1 2021. The 58th edition of the event is an excellent opportunity to participate in open-air concerts of folk bands, folk sculpture and woodcarving workshops or vernissages devoted to art and design and in many other accompanying events.

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