Nordic Walking w Szczyrku

Nordic walking in Szczyrk

Nordic walking is a form of fitness that is growing in popularity to enjoy the benefits of being active outdoors, but without the pressure on the body that running offers. The sport was started in Finland by elite cross-country skiers as a way to stay fit in the off-season. It is an inexpensive, low-impact all-weather activity that provides an excellent cardiovascular workout and engages nearly 80% of your muscles! You too can try Nordic walking, which we strongly encourage, especially during your stay in Szczyrk!

Nordic walking – how to start?

Nordic walking can be practiced by almost everybody, almost everywhere, at any time of the year or day. This sport offers many possibilities – from the gentle, quiet outdoor activity for beginners to fast, intensive training for more experienced athletes. All you need is a willingness, special poles and learn the technique.

It is best to ask a qualified instructor for help because, in the beginning, without tips and feedback, it is difficult to know if you are using the correct muscles while walking. In Szczyrk, nordic walking classes are conducted by Ms. Monika Łysoń, who gives lessons by appointment (tel. +48 509 636 210).

Why is it worth choosing Nordic walking?

Nordic walking involves not only your legs but also your upper body, actively involving the muscles of your arms, shoulders, chest, belly and back. This sport activates as many as 80% of our body muscles, while an ordinary march can boast only 50% of the result. Interestingly, it increases oxygen consumption and heart rate levels by about 20%. In addition, the poles provide support, making you feel lighter because the effort of walking is distributed more evenly between the upper and lower body. This means you exercise more challenging and get several benefits from doing so, but without the discomfort that usually accompanies higher intensity workouts.

This extra muscle activity also increases calorie burning. According to some estimates, Nordic walking burns up to 67% more calories than simple walking (depending on the technique used and the type of poles). It is also worth mentioning that Nordic walking builds greater muscle strength in the upper and lower limbs than regular walking. The poles encourage the user to lengthen their stride, which is more targeted at the buttocks, while the movement of the arms strengthens the chest and back muscles. This activity that does not strain the whole body also involves the deep abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor muscles.

Nordic walking in Szczyrk

Szczyrk offers many exciting places and routes for Nordic walking. Hiking mountain trails and walking paths, cross-country trails, or bike and footpaths along the Żylica River provide plenty of attractions for fans of this sport, regardless of their age or skills.

After a day full of activity, we invite you to relax in the Przystanek Góry! Near our facility, there are many trails where you can go with poles. You can also rent them from us! The Przystanek Góry is an excellent starting point regardless of the season. We offer comfortable accommodation in rooms with bathrooms, delicious breakfasts during which we serve local specialties, as well as the possibility of relaxing in our garden, where many attractions are waiting for the youngest.

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