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New Year’s tourist resolutions with Przystanek Góry

New year, new us? With the change of date on the calendar, many of us resolve to change something in our lives. As we enter 2022 with energy, we complete a list of things to do and habits to implement. While planning future achievements thinking about the goals we will set for ourselves, it is worth remembering the most important ones – health and well-being. So how to take care of them? The solution is to implement!

It’s time to take care of your condition – the first resolution for 2022

Ten thousand steps a day, stretching or a short exercise session every day – this is the recommended minimum activity we should take care of. After all, regular exercise is the key to staying healthy, positively influencing immunity, and feeling better.
However, apart from daily habits, which are the basis of a good lifestyle, it is worth implementing one more – cyclical, active rest outdoors. More excellent care for health can be combined with another resolution. The one which concerns exploring picturesque places in Poland. Tourism is the key to achieving these goals, and at the same time to having fun and genuinely relaxing.

Beskids – a place for those who like activity

For many, winter weather is an obstacle to getting active. You could be wrong! It is a great time to try new sports – skiing, snowboarding or popular ski-touring. Suitable infrastructure for each activity can be found in and around Szczyrk. An additional asset of this place is fabulous winter views.
On the other hand, in spring and summer, you can take care of your condition by going for a walk or Nordic walking. Of course, there is nothing to prevent short hikes from turning into mountain expeditions. The picturesque Silesian Beskid will be a good destination for beginners and entire families. Full of exciting routes and trails of varying degrees of difficulty, it will undoubtedly help you cherish your New Year’s resolutions.

Tourist plans for 2022 – how to make them come true?

Unfortunately, the initial motivation that accompanies us in January may diminish with time. But how to persevere with your travel resolutions? First of all, make it easier for yourself to fulfil them! The choice of accommodation in the Przystanek Góry will undoubtedly help you do that.
Our facility is a perfect starting point. In winter, it is easy to get to famous ski slopes such as Szczyrk Mountain Resort, the cable car in Skrzycze, or the Beskid Sport Arena located a bit farther. On the other hand, hikers will appreciate the proximity of places such as the Salmopol Pass or the peaks of Klimczok and Szyndzielnia.
After a day full of activity, our guests can relax by the fireplace, and in warmer evenings – on the terrace. Every morning we welcome you with a nutritious and delicious breakfast.
New Year’s tourist resolutions should not only be a means to an end, such as better health and well-being or seeing new places. But, they should also be fun and relaxing while putting them into practice!

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