Pobyt na świeżym powietrzu w górach

Staying outdoors in the mountains – how well does it affect us?

It has long been known that fresh air is highly beneficial to physical and mental health. It is not without reason that people eagerly seek contact with nature – especially in the mountains, which in addition to beautiful views, offer a variety of activities with diverse beneficial effects. We suggest how to take care of your health in the Beskydy Mountains!

Health benefits of staying in the mountains

Support your respiratory and circulatory system

A stay in the mountains, especially hiking, is excellent general training. While walking through the picturesque trails, our body is better oxygenated, and the blood in our veins starts circulating faster. This significantly improves the work of the breathing and blood circulation systems, which in turn has a positive effect on the lungs and heart. What is more – regular trips to the mountains reduce the risk of heart attacks, hypertension and even cancer. A vacation in the mountains is also an excellent choice for people who suffer from hyperthyroidism.

Increase immunity

In the mountains, jumps in pressure and temperature mobilize our body to adapt to demanding conditions. Exercise in nature combined with breathing fresh air makes us less susceptible to disease. More excellent immunity will come in handy, especially during the autumn and winter cold season.

Just relax

As numerous studies show, staying in the mountains can also effectively reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. The proximity of nature has even a therapeutic effect – more or less intensive hikes will allow us to forget about our daily duties and fully relax.

Not only hiking – how to take care of your health in the mountains?

The mountains are conducive to various activities that can have a beneficial effect on our body and soul. In addition to hiking on the Beskid trails, to which we invite you, we also recommend other ways to take care of your health.

  • Walking on snow

Guests of the Przystanek Góry, who will stay with us in the winter, are encouraged to… walk on snow in our extensive garden surrounded by mountains! Walking barefoot in the white powder, we will effectively relax, which will make it easier to fall asleep and guarantee a better quality of sleep. Proper regeneration through the night will give us an extra boost of energy. With time, feet, equipped with more than 70 thousand nerve endings, get used to low temperatures. Therefore, walking on snow in winter is a great way to toughen up our body, thanks to which it will be more effective against viruses and bacteria. This is not the end of the benefits – the contact of bare feet with cold snow can also help us fight inflammation and reduce tension. To get you started, we recommend short, approximately 30-second sessions, which you can increase to several minutes each time.

  • Breathing exercises

Another of our suggestions are breathing exercises performed in the mountains. Wim Hof’s recommended method combines three elements: breathing, exposure to cold and meditation, aimed at improving overall health and well-being. Conscious, properly guided breathing makes our tissues, organs and cells better supplied with blood, oxygen and nutrients. The second component of the method – low temperature – hardens the body, improves metabolism and removes inflammation. As recommended by the “Ice Man,” exposure to cold can include cold showers or walks in icy water. The latter is favored by mountain streams, which await winter vacationers in the Beskydy Mountains. On the other hand, meditation is nothing more than a complete focus on your inner self. As scientists have proven, people who use Wim Hof’s methods have a more robust immune response to diseases, enjoy better mental clarity and concentration, and sleep better and have more life energy.

  • Winter swimming in a stream

Our list closes with an activity that has gained popularity in recent years. Winter bathing that immerses the body in ice-cold water. The list of advantages it brings is really long. Increasing immunity, improving efficiency and circulation or supporting faster regeneration are only some of them. Bathing in cold water also reduces pain in the joints and stimulates calorie burning. Winter in the mountains offers plenty of opportunities. For those who are not afraid of low temperatures, we recommend the Beskid streams.

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