kąpieliska w Szczyrku

Probably no one needs convincing about the wealth of attractions in Beskid Śląski. The picturesque area of Szczyrk is a real treat not only for hiking enthusiasts. Amateurs of more or less active rest by the water will also be delighted with their holiday in the area. What beaches and swimming areas are waiting nearby? Find out in this article!

Żywieckie and Międzybrodzkie Lakes – where mountains meet water

The summer months are a perfect time to explore the Beskid trails. The surrounding water reservoirs will also provide some relief from the heat. There is no shortage of them! The closest to Szczyrk is Żywieckie Lake, located only 20 km east of Przystanek Góry. This charmingly situated man-made reservoir, whose waters reflect the Beskid peaks, attracts lovers of sailing, windsurfing and water skiing to Żywiec every year – the winds here are perfect for active leisure. Along the lake shores, you will also find bathing beaches for sunbathing enthusiasts. We recommend in particular the public beach in Żywiec itself as well as the beach in Zarzecz – remember, however, that bathing in the lake is strictly at your own risk.

Apart from Żywieckie Lake, the second reservoir created in 1937 on the Sola River is Międzybrodzkie Lake, located to the north. On its shores, there are numerous water equipment rentals – kayaks, pedal boats and SUP boards. Fishing fans will also be delighted with their stay, who will have a chance to catch such species as roach, bream, pikeperch or pike during their summer holidays. Recommended swimming pools can be found in Czernichów and Międzybrodzie Żywieckie.

Swimming pools or water frenzy in mountainous surroundings

A holiday in Szczyrk is an excellent opportunity to use the offer of the nearby swimming pools after a day on the trail and discovering the charms of the Beskid resort. The family stay will be made more pleasant by visiting the modern Start swimming pool complex with sports and recreation infrastructure, located in Bielsko-Biała. Guests can enjoy two swimming pools with slides and a complex of water and air massages. There is also a playground with a sandpit, a paddling pool for toddlers, a volleyball court and a climbing wall for youngsters and adults.

For summer holidaymakers in the Beskidy, we also recommend the first aquapark in the Żywiec region, Leśna in Żywiec, which offers an indoor recreational pool with water spouts and neck massage equipment, an indoor pool with water and air massage benches, an outdoor swimming pool, a slide and two saunas – a Finnish one and a steam one.

On the shores of the Międzybrodzkie Lake mentioned above, there is also the Relaks swimming pool, which, as its name suggests, invites visitors to take advantage of the relaxing properties of water heated to 25 degrees Celsius. There is a 50-metre swimming pool with a 20-metre slide and a 15-metre pool for children. There are also two beach volleyball courts.

The modernised swimming pool in Wisła is also worth mentioning, inviting amateurs of active leisure to swim in two pools, a shallow one and a sports one. A considerable dose of adrenaline will be provided by the country’s first water slide with a modern pendulum construction. In Szczyrk itself, however, we will find an indoor swimming pool with a jacuzzi and sauna, which will be perfect in bad weather.

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