zimowe aktywności w Szczyrku

Winter activities in Szczyrk

Szczyrk has been attracting lovers of active recreation for years. The Beskid resort, known as the winter capital of Poland, turns into a true sports eldorado with the arrival of cold and snowy days. Avid skiers and snowboarders, fans of cross-country skiing, and lovers of hiking mountain trails will have a great time here. We suggest what winter activities await visitors to the Silesian Beskid!

An active winter stay? Come to Szczyrk!

Szczyrk is a lovely place on the map of Poland in terms of opportunities for active leisure. The mountain resort, located at the foot of Skrzyczne and in the valley of the Żylica River, despite its small size, offers a vast number of attractions for visitors of all levels, regardless of fitness and age. We especially encourage you to test the winter activities waiting in the region.

White madness in modern ski resorts

Szczyrk is eagerly visited each year by fans of skiing. Those in the mountain village will find several ski resorts, which offer modern roller coasters, kilometers of slopes, schools, and kindergartens for those taking their first steps on skis or a board, as well as catering facilities to replenish energy between runs. Near the Przystanek Góry awaits the COS (Central Sports Center), with a cable car running from Szczyrk, through Jaworzyna, to the top of Skrzyczne. The station offers four trails with a total length of nearly 12 km. One of the country’s largest ski complexes, the Szczyrk Mountain Resort, also invites you to ski. It offers as many as 13 lifts and 23 km of trails of varying difficulty – so everyone will find something for themselves. Snowboarding fans, in turn, will be pleased with Snow Park Juliana with handrails, jumps, and other obstacles. We also recommend testing the offer of the Beskid Sport Arena, which has 4 ski slopes with a total length of 3.2 km, equipped with modern led lighting.

Hiking on the snowy trails of the Silesian Beskids

The Beskids are a straightforward dream destination for fans of hiking. All year round, a variety of hiking trails await them in the region, which in winter delight with breathtaking views of snow-covered peaks and valleys. The immediate surroundings of the Przystanek Góry offer excellent conditions for hiking. In particular, we recommend climbing the highest peaks of the entire Silesian Beskid: Skrzyczne (1257 meters above sea level) and Klimczok (1117 meters above sea level). Hikers will also have an unforgettable experience with trips to Karkoszczonka Pass and Malinowska Skała.

Cross-country skiing in wintry Szczyrk

Cross-country skiing is a winter sport that is growing in popularity each season. In Szczyrk, there is no shortage of scenic trails that attract avid cross-country skiers in the winter, as well as people who want to start their adventure with cross-country skiing. In particular, we recommend the cross-country trails of the Kubalonka Pass (with a length of 2.5, 3, 5, and 7.5 km). In addition, a special cross-country ski trail is also waiting for interested people located on Sosnowa Street in Upper Szczyrk (near the Ice Cave).

Przystanek Góry – an ideal base for active people

Planning an active winter stay in Szczyrk? We encourage you to take advantage of the offer of the Przystanek Góry, whose convenient location in the heart of the mountain resort allows you to explore its attractions freely. We provide maximum comfort after an active day for those who prefer to relax on the slope, trail, or cross-country trails. We offer carefully furnished rooms and varied buffet breakfasts made from local products. We also offer attractive winter stay packages.

zima w Przystanku Góry

TOP 5 attractions in Szczyrk in winter time

Szczyrk is one of the most recognizable mountain sports centers in Poland. During the cold and snowy months, the Beskid resort turns into the capital of winter sports – fans of active recreation and fairy-tale views will have a wonderful time here. The list of Szczyrk attractions is really long. Here are 5 suggestions on what to do in Szczyrk in winter.

1.    Hiking along the winter trails of the Beskid Mountains.

One of the biggest attractions of Szczyrk in winter, as much as all year round, is the beautiful trails of the Silesian Beskid. Excellent time to traverse them will be spent by mountain hiking enthusiasts. The surroundings of Przystanek Góry offer ideal conditions for hiking. In the schedule of a winter stay, avid hikers should include an ascent of Skrzyczne and Klimczok – the two highest peaks of the Silesian Beskid. The trails leading to Malinowska Skała and Karkoszczonka Pass are also exceptionally scenic.

2.    White madness on the slopes

Szczyrk is sometimes called the winter skiing capital of the Beskids. Not without reason – fans of madness on the white powder will spend an unforgettable time in the ski resorts waiting in the area. Especially noteworthy is one of the country’s largest ski complexes: the Szczyrk Mountain Resort. With 13 lifts and 25 km of trails of varying difficulty, there is something for everyone. Snowboarding enthusiasts will enjoy the Juliana Snow Park with handrails, jumps, and other obstacles. Fans of skiing or boarding will also have an unforgettable time on the slopes of the Central Sports Center and the Beskid Sport Arena, offering 4 ski slopes with a total length of 3.2 km.

3.    Snow-covered promenade over the Żylica River

The promenade over the Żylica River is one of Szczyrk’s landmarks. Loved by locals and tourists alike, it is also delightful in its winter version. The area is perfect not only for leisurely walks but also for various activities. Those wishing to do so can march on its grounds with poles or try their hand at cross-country skiing. The path begins at the City Hall, from where it continues along the Żylica River to the square in the center. It continues past the Central Sports Center all the way to Buczkowice.

4.    Cable car to Skrzyczne and fabulous landscapes

Another of Szczyrk’s attractions is the cable car leading to Skrzyczne – the highest peak in the Silesian Beskid, measuring 1257 meters above sea level. A modern chairlift, available year-round, leads to the top, with an intermediate station at Hala Jaworzyna. The trip’s culmination is the magnificent winter landscapes stretching from the summit.

5.    Winter trip along the Route of Wooden Architecture

Szczyrk is not only a typical mountain attraction for fans of active recreation and breathtaking views but is also worth seeing monuments. For fans of interesting architecture, we recommend visiting the sanctuary of St. James the Apostle, a wooden building erected around 1800 and belonging to the Trail of Wooden Architecture of the Silesian Province. The building looks exceptionally picturesque in wintertime.

Przystanek Góry – a base for a winter tour of the Silesian Beskid.

Planning a winter stay in Szczyrk? We invite you to take advantage of the offer of Przystanek Góry – a guesthouse in the heart of the Silesian Beskid. Ideally located resort is conducive to enjoying all the attractions of the resort while providing maximum comfort of rest after an active day. We offer carefully furnished rooms and a varied buffet breakfast made from local products. For the youngest, we have prepared a colorful playroom. Check available dates and plan your winter vacation in Szczyrk!

co robić w Szczyrku gdy pada deszcz

What to do in Szczyrk when it rains?

Mountain weather can be unpredictable. Fortunately, the rain outside the window does not have to spoil our holiday plans. Szczyrk and its surroundings offer a variety of attractions that are perfect for less favorable weather. Among them are suggestions for art lovers, those looking for relaxation, fans of water fun, and more. We recommend how to have an exciting time in the mountains during bad weather!

Beskidzka Art Gallery – for those interested in painting

On a rainy day, we recommend visiting the Beskid Art Gallery. Bator Art Gallery is the most extensive private art gallery in southern Poland. Its collection includes mainly contemporary paintings and ceramics by more than 130 leading artists. The facility also hosts regular art encounters with lectures, workshops, and author evenings.

Brine graduation towers – well-deserved relaxation

When the weather is unfavorable, it is worth taking care of your health. The brine graduation towers in the Central Sports Centre – Olympic Preparations Centre in Szczyrk are ideal. There you will find a Crystal Salt Chamber made of natural rock salt crystals. A session in the graduation tower is an excellent way to strengthen immunity. Which we encourage, especially in autumn and winter, during increasingly cold and often rainy days.

Sanctuaries in Szczyrk – sights of the Beskid resort

While staying in the mountain town on a rainy day, we recommend looking at its most famous monuments. This is the so-called Górka. Sanctuary of Our Lady Queen of Poland. It is located at an altitude of 670 meters above sea level, by the blue trail leading to Klimczok. On the Wooden Architecture Route, in turn, is St. Jacob’s Church. This is the oldest architectural monument in Szczyrk at over 200 years old.

Aquapark – water madness on a rainy day

For lovers of water adventures on a rainy day, stay in the mountains, we recommend the indoor swimming pool in Szczyrk. The ticket price also includes access to the jacuzzi. Children and adults will also have a lot of fun in the Tropicana water complex. It is located in the Gołębiewski Hotel in Wisła. There is a 25-meter swimming pool, a 20-meter leisure pool with waves and water spouts, a pool with hydro-massage, and a paddling pool for children. Saunas and whirlpools complete the resort’s offer.

Przystanek Góry – attractions of the mountain resort

An unforgettable time in the Beskydy despite the erratic weather? Our Przystanek Góry comes to the rescue of holidaymakers. It provides the perfect starting point for a holiday filled with mountain hikes and discovering the area’s beauty on rainy days. A colorful playroom, arranged in a living room with a fireplace, awaits our youngest guests. Their parents will also find an atmospheric space.

As soon as the rain stops and the sun emerges from behind the clouds, we encourage you to discover Szczyrk actively. A cable car to Skrzyczne, an ascent of Klimczok, the surrounding caves, biking trails, or walks along the path by the Żylica River. These are just a few suggestions you cannot miss in your plan for a stay in Beskid Śląski. Finally, after an eventful day, we encourage you to rest comfortably in Przystanek Góry.


What is worth seeing in Szczyrk?

Szczyrk, as well as the entire Silesian Beskid, is a mountain region full of exceptionally charming places. Among them, you will find attractions for fans of hiking and cycling escapades, lovers of sacred architecture and those interested in the ski history of the city. So, what is worth seeing during your vacation in Szczyrk? We present the places you cannot miss in your holiday plan in the mountains!

For fans of mountain scenery – the view from Skrzyczne

The biggest of Szczyrk’s attractions is the year-round cable car leading to Skrzyczne. It consists of 2 sections – the first from the center of Szczyrk to Jaworzyna and the second from Jaworzyna to the top of Skrzyczne. A modern 4-person couch serves the route with a capacity of 2,400 people per hour. During the ride, you can admire the beautiful panorama of the Silesian Beskid.

For fans of walking – a modernized path over the Żylica River

An obligatory point of your stay in Szczyrk is the renovated promenade on the Żylica River. The city’s showpiece serves residents and tourists practically all year round – for walking, cycling and marching with Nordic walking poles. The route starts at the City Hall, runs along the Żylica River to the square in the Center, then under the Skalite Ski Jump and the Central Sports Center all the way to Buczkowice.

For skiing fans – the Skalite ski jump complex

Skalite ski jumps are another of Szczyrk’s significant attractions. It is a complex of three ski jumps located on the northern slope of Skalite mountain (864 meters above sea level). The facility includes three hills: regular, medium and small. It is here that national and international ski jumping competitions are held, and the Polish national team trains.

For fans of historical sites – the shrines in Szczyrk

Another place not to be missed in the schedule of discovering Szczyrk is the so-called Górka. This is the Sanctuary of Our Lady Queen of Poland, located at an altitude of 670 meters above sea level, just off the blue trail to Klimczok. The wooden Church of St. James is the oldest and most valuable architectural monument in Szczyrk. More than 200 years old, the sanctuary is located on the Trail of Wooden Architecture of the Silesian Province in the Beskid loop.

For fans of two wheels – bicycle routes

The ski capital of Poland is not only a winter folly on the slopes but also a dream place for fans of two wheels. A place that is not only worth seeing while in Szczyrk, but above all to test on your own skin, are the numerous bicycle routes. In the area, you will find many beautiful scenic bicycle routes of varying degrees of difficulty.

For fans of art – Bator Gallery

The Bator Gallery in Szczyrk is a place that will appeal to art fans. The facility presents mainly painting and ceramics. The site also hosts periodic lectures on art, classical music concerts, folklore events and art workshops. A gallery is an object of the cultural trail of the Silesian province.

For fans of adrenaline – BeskidPark

Another of Szczyrk’s attractions is undoubtedly the Beskid Park rope park. It includes a Mini Park for the youngest and an Adventure Route ending with a 29-meter tyrolean. Every activity fan should visit this adventurous place!

In Szczyrk you will find many interesting places worth visiting. The entire region of the Silesian Beskid is a tourist paradise for everyone, regardless of age and tastes. And our Przystanek Góry is an ideal base and place to relax any time of the year!

atrakcje latem w Szczyrku

Summer 2022 attractions in Szczyrk

Although Szczyrk is sometimes referred to as the ski capital of Poland, visiting tourists are offered plenty of attractions at any time of the year. However, especially in summer, the mountain town, which attracts fans of snow activities, tempts by the possibility of active recreation – both on and off the numerous mountain trails. So what attractions await you during your vacation in Beskid Slaski?

Beskid Szczyrk trails – ideal for summer trips

Szczyrk is the perfect place for a vacation, especially for mountain hikers. Among the many trails, both less and more experienced hikers will find something for themselves. Unforgettable views will provide them with a route to Skrzyczne, towering over the town – 1257 m above sea level, a mountain belonging to the Crown of Polish Mountains, to which a blue trail leads from the city. In the plan of active vacations in the mountains, we recommend including a climb to Klimczok. And trips to the Salmopolska Pass, Malinowska Skała and Karkoszczonka Pass.

Caves in and around Szczyrk – a respite from the summer heat

The caves in Szczyrk are an exciting alternative to the area’s most popular attractions. Especially on hot days, you will find pleasant refreshments in the underground caves. For lovers of underground hiking, we recommend visiting the Ice Cave, which refers to the fairy-tale ice stalactites covering its walls. We strongly encourage both inexperienced tourists and families with children to see it. Short at only 32 meters, the cave can be explored without belay or specialized equipment. One of the more popular caves in Szczyrk is the Malinowska Cave, to which two trails lead. The red one from Salamopolska Pass and the green one from Szczyrk Solisko to Malinow. The time required to visit this cave is about 3 hours.

Promenade on the Żylica River – walks along the scenic route by the river

The promenade over the Żylica River in Szczyrk is one of the many local attractions and a charming place that simply must be visited during a summer stay in these areas. Proponents of active recreation can also explore this restored space by running, marching with Nordic walking poles or riding a bicycle. The path begins at City Hall and runs along the Żylica River to the square in the center. It continues past the Central Sports Center all the way to Buczkowice.

Summer is up! Przystanek Góry for an unforgettable vacation

Fans will remember a summer stay in Szczyrk of activity and beautiful views. With them in mind, the Przystanek Góry has prepared a special holiday package, valid from June to September. Its price includes accommodation in comfortable rooms and delicious buffet breakfasts. We encourage you to relax in the area with deck chairs in your free time. Here, with the singing of birds and the smell of the forest, our guests will find respite after a busy day on or off the trail. The culmination of your holiday stay will be an evening bonfire or barbecue roasting sausages and oscypek.

A playground with a slide, mini soccer and badminton fields, and a 3.5-meter pool will appeal to the youngest. Creative and culinary workshops for children are also planned. Board games, chess, playing cards and Nordic walking poles can be rented on site. We will also be happy to help you plan family trips in Szczyrk and the surrounding area. Feel free to book your stay!

ferie w Przystanku góry w Szczyrku

Winter holidays in Przystanek Góry

Winter holidays are a long-awaited time of rest from school for children and recharging batteries for parents. So, where to go to make the most of the vacation? Preferably in the mountains! The snow-covered localities of the Beskid Mountains will enchant you with picturesque views and encourage you to spend your free time actively. So, enjoy your holidays at the Przystanek Góry!

Recipe for a successful winter holiday in Szczyrk

Are you looking for a perfect stop for family holidays in the mountains? Welcome to cosy Szczyrk, not without reason referred to as the ski capital of Poland. In the heart of the mountain village is our comfortable Przystanek Góry, where we welcome lovers of active recreation. There are tens of kilometers of perfectly prepared routes for skiing or snowboarding in this Beskid resort. Mountain hiking enthusiasts will also be delighted with their stay in Szczyrk. During the winter holidays, they will have an opportunity to conquer such local peaks as Skrzyczne – 1257 m above sea level, a mountain belonging to the Crown of Polish Mountains. We also recommend climbing Klimczok (1117 m) and trips to the Salmopol Pass, Malinowska Skała and the Karkoszczonka Pass.

Unforgettable winter holidays in Beskid Slaski Mountains

Located in the picturesque town of Szczyrk, the Przystanek Góry is a family-friendly place where we ensure comfortable rest, delicious breakfasts and numerous attractions, including those prepared for the youngest guests. Due to the proximity of many ski resorts (cable car Skrzyczne – 1km away and Szczyrk Mountain Resort – 1.6km) and mountain trails, the Mountain Stop is the ideal base for active family holidays. During your winter stay in the mountains, we also recommend snow tubing, i.e. sliding down a gentle slope on a pontoon. We will also be happy to advise you on organizing family trips in Szczyrk and its surroundings. Plenty of attractions guaranteed!

Winter is up! A stay package for the winter holidays in the Przystanek Góry resort

Enjoy your winter stay in the mountains with a special holiday package prepared by the Przystanek Góry. As part of it, we provide comfortable accommodation in a selected room type. Every morning we serve delicious buffet breakfasts made using local products – homemade cheeses, fresh pastries and eggs straight from the lucky hens. In addition, we offer an equipped playroom for toddlers and table football for slightly older kids to keep our youngest guests entertained. Children will also have a lot of fun with animation activities, such as painting on stones, baking pizza or cupcakes and creating carnival masks for a mini ball, which will be held at our facility during the holidays. There is also free rental of chess, playing cards and board games, and Nordic walking sticks. Adults will enjoy a lovely evening by the glow of a lit fireplace with coffee or mulled wine and homemade cake. For those willing, we will also prepare a bonfire or barbecue.

Any idea for the winter holidays? Welcome to the Przystanek Góry, where we have prepared a special package for your winter vacation! The offer is valid from 15 January to 26 February when booking a minimum of 7 nights – we realize the stays from Saturday to Saturday. Children under 3 stay for free. So choose a convenient date and book your room today – dream holidays are waiting!

wakacje Przystanek Góry w Szczyrku

Plan your holiday in Szczyrk

The holidays are getting closer and closer – it is the best moment to plan your dream holiday in the mountains. Those craving beautiful landscapes, looking for numerous attractions and valuing comfortable accommodation conditions are welcome to Przystanek Góry located in Szczyrk. This is our recipe for a successful summer stay in the Beskid Śląski mountains!

A perfect holiday in Szczyrk – which hotel should you choose?

We believe that a pleasant holiday is the right choice of direction and the right place to stay. That is why we offer guests of Przystanek Góry the most comfortable rest conditions in Szczyrk. In the heart of this resort town, we have created a unique space with rooms and apartments whose names refer to the surrounding peaks, ideally reflecting the climate of a mountain holiday. Their interiors offer all the necessary amenities and access to balconies from which you can enjoy the picturesque scenery of the Beskid Śląski mountains.

You can also find relaxation in our garden chill-out area with deckchairs, where you can enjoy the clean mountain air and regenerate after an active day on the trail. We have also taken care of the youngest ones, who have at their disposal a playground with a slide, mini-soccer and badminton courts and a swimming pool with a diameter of 3.5 m. The little ones will also be entertained by an exciting programme of holiday animation. Evening bonfires with sausage roasting, which we organise in a climatic gazebo, will stay in the memory of all participants for a long time.

What to see in and around Szczyrk on holidays?

Szczyrk, as the ski capital of Poland, is a perfect destination also for those planning summer holidays. An important point on the map of the town itself is the promenade along the Żylica River, leading from the Town Hall through the square in the centre to Buczkowice. The route can be covered both on foot and by bike. Further exploration of the area is worthwhile at the complex of three ski jumps, located on the northern slope of Skalite Mountain. Wisła is also worth a visit, offering numerous attractions related to the figure of Adam Małysz and unforgettable rides on the Wisła Train. Finally, a visit to the Eliksir stud farm, where children can take a thrilling ride on a lunge, should not be missing from the family holiday plan.

Szczyrk for the active – what to do in the mountains in summer?

The well-known and popular health resort is, above all, a paradise for mountain hiking enthusiasts, with trails of varying difficulty awaiting you. We especially recommend Skrzyczne, towering over Szczyrk – 1257 m above sea level, a mountain belonging to the Crown of Polish Mountains. Access via the blue trail. We recommend a climb to Klimczok (117 m) and trips to the Salmopol Pass, Malinowska Skała and the Karkoszczonka Pass for the following days.

A stay in Szczyrk, which becomes an enduro centre in the summer, will also be an unforgettable adventure for thrill-seekers. A modern network of one-way bicycle paths of the single track type has been prepared here with them in mind. These are 5 specially shaped routes with a total length of 13 km and varying degrees of difficulty, which are led away from footpaths. You can get to the start of each of them by taking the ski lifts.

Holiday offer at the Przystanek Góry

Are you looking for an ideal place for your holiday in Szczyrk? Come to the Przytanek Góry – check the availability and book your stay with a 10% discount. Within the package, we offer min. 5 nights in rooms and apartments with buffet breakfast. The offer is valid from 25 June to 5 September.

wakacje w Szczyrku

Szczyrk in summer – what attractions are waiting for you?

Szczyrk, known as the ski capital of Poland, has plenty of attractions to offer – also in the summer. In winter, the town attracts skiing fans, in the holiday season tempts with active rest on the trail and off it. Various attractions await visitors to Beskid Śląski. Among them, mountain hiking enthusiasts, sightseeing fans, as well as supporters of blissful rest, which awaits in Przystanek Góry, will find something for themselves.

Summer on a mountain trail

Summer holidays in Szczyrk are ideal for less and more experienced hikers. The picturesque area of the Beskid Śląski Mountains is a real treat for hiking enthusiasts who will find perfectly marked trails offering excellent views. We recommend in particular Skrzyczne, towering over the town – 1257 m above sea level and belonging to the Crown of Polish Mountains, to which the blue trail leads. Apart from Skrzyczne, a climb to Klimczok and trips to the Salmopol Pass, Malinowska Skała, and the Karkoszczonka Pass are also worthwhile.

Discovering the charms of Szczyrk

Szczyrk is famous for its many mountain trails of varying difficulty, but not only. Apart from hiking, many other attractions are waiting for those who spend their holidays here. In particular, we recommend a summer walk along the promenade by the Żylica River – fans of active leisure can also explore this restored space by running, Nordic walking or cycling. The trail starts at the Town Hall and runs along the Żylica River to the square in the centre, and then past the Central Sports Centre to Buczkowice. Another must-see during your holiday in Szczyrk is a visit to the complex of three ski jumps located on the northern slope of Skalite Mountain. We recommend a stop at the Eliksir stud farm for parents with children, situated at the foot of the Skalite and Skrzyczne mountains, where children can take a ride on a lunge. For those hungry for culinary experiences, we recommend a visit to the climatic Polish Tavern with traditional decor, regional dishes and the sounds of highlander music. By the way, it is also worth visiting the nearby town of Wisła, which offers fantastic walking routes, rides on the Wisła Train and attractions related to Adam Małysz.

Attractions of the Przystanek Góry

A summer stay in Szczyrk will be long remembered by those craving for close contact with nature, but not only. There are also great attractions waiting for those staying at the Przystanek Góry. We have prepared a special holiday package valid from June to September. Apart from comfortable accommodation and delicious breakfasts, we have taken care of our guests’ free time. In the extensive garden, we have created a special relaxation zone with deckchairs, where you can breathe in the pure mountain air and regenerate after a hike. In the atmospheric gazebo, we organise bonfires with sausage roasting in the evenings. The children’s hearts will be stolen by the outdoor recreation area with its slides, mini football and badminton courts and a swimmimg pool.

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