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Caves in Szczyrk – which ones are worth visiting?

The caves in Szczyrk are an exciting alternative to the most popular attractions in the area. Some of the caves can be visited alone, without any experience. Others are organized tours under the supervision of a qualified guide. So which caves are worth visiting during your stay in the region? Here are the recommendations of Przystanek Góry!

The Ice Cave

The Ice Cave, whose name refers to the characteristic fairy-tale ice dripstone formations covering its walls, is located on the southeast slope of Hyrca (which separates the valley of the Żylica River with Szczyrk from the Hungarian Creek valley). It is recommended both for inexperienced tourists and families with children. The short cave, measuring only 32 m, can be explored without special equipment – you will only need a flashlight. The cave is also known as the Partisan Cave because local partisan units sought refuge during World War II. 

Malinowska Cave

One of the most famous caves in Szczyrk is Malinowska Cave. It is a cave of landslide type, which can be visited only by people with experience and the necessary mountaineering equipment. Two trails lead to the cave – the red one from the Salmopol Pass and the green one from Szczyrk Solisko to Malinow. The time needed to visit this cave is about 3 hours. 

Jaworzyna Cave

The next place on our list is the Jaworzyna Cave. It is located on the northern slopes of Skrzyczne, where the blue trail leads. Getting there from the center of Szczyrk takes about 1.5 hours. An additional hour is needed to explore the underground corridors, which form a complex of four cave rooms connected by narrow passages. The entrance to the cave is located near the cableway station on Jaworzyna. 

The cave in Trzy Kopce

Another cave – in Trzy Kopce – is one of the longest (1254 m) and largest caves in the entire Beskid Mountains. The entrance to it is located on the southern slopes of Trzy Kopce, to which it owes its name. The yellow trail from Klimczok to Błatnia leads to the 1.2 km long cave. You should spend about 2 hours exploring the underground corridors. Experienced tourists can visit the cave independently, and people without appropriate skills can see it with a guide. 

Salmopolska Cave

The last one on our list – Salmopolska Cave (located on the western slopes of the Salmopolska Pass) – is another place that can be visited with a guide. Its main attraction is the exciting cave halls. The time required to go through the cave is about 3 hours. Many sections need visitors to crawl and squeeze through narrow tunnels. 

Here ends our “guided tour” through the most interesting caves in Beskidy. On the occasion of your next stay in Szczyrk, we recommend planning a visit to the surrounding caves. And after an exciting trip, we invite you to comfortable rest in our Przystanek Góry. 

Note: It is best to visit the Beskid caves (except for the Ice Cave) with a local guide, who will ensure safe passage through the underground corridors and tell you more about the explored place. For more information, contact the tourist information office in Szczyrk:

41 Beskidzka St.

tel.: 33 815 83 88 


postanowienia noworoczne

New Year’s tourist resolutions with Przystanek Góry

New year, new us? With the change of date on the calendar, many of us resolve to change something in our lives. As we enter 2022 with energy, we complete a list of things to do and habits to implement. While planning future achievements thinking about the goals we will set for ourselves, it is worth remembering the most important ones – health and well-being. So how to take care of them? The solution is to implement!

It’s time to take care of your condition – the first resolution for 2022

Ten thousand steps a day, stretching or a short exercise session every day – this is the recommended minimum activity we should take care of. After all, regular exercise is the key to staying healthy, positively influencing immunity, and feeling better.
However, apart from daily habits, which are the basis of a good lifestyle, it is worth implementing one more – cyclical, active rest outdoors. More excellent care for health can be combined with another resolution. The one which concerns exploring picturesque places in Poland. Tourism is the key to achieving these goals, and at the same time to having fun and genuinely relaxing.

Beskids – a place for those who like activity

For many, winter weather is an obstacle to getting active. You could be wrong! It is a great time to try new sports – skiing, snowboarding or popular ski-touring. Suitable infrastructure for each activity can be found in and around Szczyrk. An additional asset of this place is fabulous winter views.
On the other hand, in spring and summer, you can take care of your condition by going for a walk or Nordic walking. Of course, there is nothing to prevent short hikes from turning into mountain expeditions. The picturesque Silesian Beskid will be a good destination for beginners and entire families. Full of exciting routes and trails of varying degrees of difficulty, it will undoubtedly help you cherish your New Year’s resolutions.

Tourist plans for 2022 – how to make them come true?

Unfortunately, the initial motivation that accompanies us in January may diminish with time. But how to persevere with your travel resolutions? First of all, make it easier for yourself to fulfil them! The choice of accommodation in the Przystanek Góry will undoubtedly help you do that.
Our facility is a perfect starting point. In winter, it is easy to get to famous ski slopes such as Szczyrk Mountain Resort, the cable car in Skrzycze, or the Beskid Sport Arena located a bit farther. On the other hand, hikers will appreciate the proximity of places such as the Salmopol Pass or the peaks of Klimczok and Szyndzielnia.
After a day full of activity, our guests can relax by the fireplace, and in warmer evenings – on the terrace. Every morning we welcome you with a nutritious and delicious breakfast.
New Year’s tourist resolutions should not only be a means to an end, such as better health and well-being or seeing new places. But, they should also be fun and relaxing while putting them into practice!

bezpieczeństwo w górach

Safety in the mountains

Lack of crowds, pleasant temperatures, and sparkling colored peaks – autumn is the perfect time for mountain hiking. However, regardless of the time of year, this great way of spending free time in nature requires a proper preparation. What safety rules should you follow to spend unforgettable moments among picturesque views without risking your life and health? What to remember before setting out on a trail? We suggest!

Choose the right route

The basic principle of safety in the mountains is to choose an appropriate route – matched to our physical condition and experience in the mountains. We should consider the time given on tourist maps and differences in elevation or the presence of huts and shelters where we can stop in case of bad weather. The time of the trip may also be prolonged by various difficulties, such as wet stones or icy fragments. When planning a trip with children, let’s assume that crossing a given trail will take us about twice as long as the information signs.

Check the weather

An essential element of safety in the mountains is the prevailing weather. Therefore, before setting out on a trail, it is necessary to check the meteorological conditions. Not only temperature is essential for us to – while in summer we should pay attention to information about thunderstorms, and in winter – to information about avalanches, in autumn we need to know about possible rainfall and strength of the wind. Let’s also remember that autumn days, although often dry and sunny, are getting shorter, so it’s worth deciding on a trail from which we will return before nightfall, along with which it gets freezing at altitude. Finally, don’t forget that the weather in the mountains changes really fast – so it’s good to have your phone with you and monitor the current warnings if possible.

Completing your mountain outfit

A safe trip to the mountains also requires clothing appropriately tailored to the prevailing and forecast weather conditions. It is recommended to wear multiple clothing layers. They should protect us both from chilling due to low temperatures and penetrating wind but also from overheating and sweating. Breathable thermoactive underwear is an obligatory element of autumn trekking. A fleece, lightweight synthetic down, or a softshell providing excellent protection against the wind will work well as another layer – a warming one. It is worth having another jacket or fleece in your backpack, which may come in handy during stops or on the summit. You will also need a well-made rain jacket with a membrane. Put on stretchy, windproof and waterproof pants. You should also wear solid, waterproof trekking shoes with a tread and high, ankle-stabilizing upper, which will minimize the risk of injuries on the trail.

Pack a mountain backpack

Before going out on the trail, we should carefully pack our mountain backpack. It is essential to find in it:

– map,

– phone with emergency numbers,

– charged power bank,

– headlamp,

– extra clothing,

– a supply of water,

– food,

– UV sunscreen,

– First aid kit,

– Crampons for shoes – these will ensure comfort and safety, especially on slippery, icy surfaces,

– Stuffed booties – fabric boot gaiters protect your pants and shoes from getting wet and snow from behind the upper part.

Inform your hosts about the outing

Do not forget to inform your hosts about the planned trip, route and time of return. In case of unexpected events, this will ensure quick assistance.

Any time of year in the mountains can be safe as long as you follow the basic rules. We recommend Szczyrk and our Przystanek Góry to everyone looking for a picturesque area for active rest on Beskid trails. You are welcome!

jesienna oferta Przystanek góry w Szczyrku

Autumn offer – plan your stay at Przystanek Góry

The Beskidy Mountains are a perfect place for a family vacation – despite appearances, not only during the summer months but also outside the high season. It is especially worthwhile to visit in the autumn, when the famous mountain resorts become deserted, pleasant temperatures encourage hiking, and the landscapes are a real feast for the senses. A special package prepared by the Przystanek Góry helps you enjoy your autumn stay in the mountains.

Przystanek Góry – an ideal place for an autumn holiday

Are you looking for a perfect stop for your autumn mountain hikes? Don’t know where to stay during your off-season stay in Beskid Śląski? Welcome to cosy Szczyrk – called Poland’s ski capital, it also has a lot to offer in autumn. This is where you will find us, the Przystanek Góry – a family-friendly facility, where we provide comfortable recreation, delicious food and numerous attractions, including those prepared for the youngest guests: animation, a playroom and an outdoor playground equipped with swings, a sandpit, a slide and a trampoline. Due to the proximity of many mountain trails and a short distance to the centre of Szczyrk, the Przystanek Góry is an ideal base for excursions in the area.

Comfortable and full of attractions autumn regeneration in the Przystanek Góry

We believe that each of us needs a break from everyday duties. However, in the rush of things, we often do not have time or energy to take care of planning a well-deserved trip. Especially for families, organizing a stay that is comfortable, full of attractions and affordable at the same time can be a challenge. Then accommodation packages come to the rescue – by using them, we gain a complete trip plan including attractions – and that at a really attractive price.

Thinking of the lovers of the autumn holidays in the mountains, we have created a unique offer, “Przystanek for autumn“. Do you want to rest in harmony with nature, admiring the phenomenal autumn landscapes? Or maybe you prefer discovering the beauty of the mountains actively – on foot or by bike? Regardless of your preferences – you will spend unforgettable moments in the Przystanek Góry located in Szczyrk!

Przystanek for the autumn – plan your dream stay in the Silesian Beskids

The autumn stay package for our guests includes comfortable accommodation in the selected room type and breakfast buffet, which we compose from local products. Homemade cheeses, delicious baked goods, natural fruit preserves and eggs straight from the lucky hens will delight the greatest gourmets. Autumn stay in the mountains will also please the youngest guests. We have prepared engaging animations, including painting on stones and baking pizza. Unforgettable memories for the whole family will provide evenings by the glow of a lit campfire with coffee or mulled wine and homemade cake. For those willing, there are also bonfires and barbecues in the outdoor pavilion. Relaxation in Beskid Slaski will be diversified by playing well-known and popular board games. For fans of active recreation, we recommend the possibility of free rental of Nordic walking sticks. We will also be happy to advise you on organizing family trips to Szczyrk and its surroundings. The surrounding hiking and biking trails in autumn look exceptionally picturesque! Additionally, we offer a 10% discount on electric bicycle rental in Bike Czyrna.

Make yourself a few days stop in the mountains! Choose Przystanek Góry, where you will spend a wonderful time with your family or friends in the company of the mountains. We guarantee comfortable conditions, delicious food, plenty of attractions for everyone and affordable prices. Package Przystanek for autumn is valid from 5 September to 19 December 2021 for stays of a minimum of 3 nights. Please note – from 4 nights a 10% discount on the entire stay. Children up to 3 years old are free of charge. So do not hesitate and book your stay today!

atrakcje w Szczyrku

Why should you visit Szczyrk?

The Silesian Beskid is one of the most exciting regions on the tourist map of Poland. It offers many hiking and cycling trails of varying difficulty and numerous ski lifts and slopes. It also has extensive accommodation and catering base. Thus, everyone who goes to Szczyrk, Wisła, Ustroń or Brenna will find something for themselves. Today we will present to you a few reasons why Szczyrk is worth visiting.

Read more “Why should you visit Szczyrk?”

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