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The Silesian Beskid is one of the most exciting regions on the tourist map of Poland. It offers many hiking and cycling trails of varying difficulty and numerous ski lifts and slopes. It also has extensive accommodation and catering base. Thus, everyone who goes to Szczyrk, Wisła, Ustroń or Brenna will find something for themselves. Today we will present to you a few reasons why Szczyrk is worth visiting.

Szczyrk – a climatic city with many attractions

Szczyrk, thanks to its incredible climate, attracts crowds of tourists from all over Poland and abroad every year. You can meet here also travellers for whom walking on mountain trails is a way of life, lovers of cross-country cycling, skiing fans, as well as families with children who want to relax away from the hustle and bustle of crowded cities.

The extensive sports and tourist infrastructure, combined with the widespread availability of catering facilities and an extensive accommodation base, make the Silesian Beskid region visited by 5 to 8 million people every year! Interest in Szczyrk has also increased significantly due to the pandemic. Those who have so far chosen to travel abroad have begun to discover the charms of the Polish mountains and, as one could guess, this climate has appealed to them.

Why should you also visit Szczyrk?

  • Numerous hiking trails

The picturesque surroundings of Szczyrk are perfect for hiking. Excellent marked trails guarantee lovely views and the possibility of close contact with nature. Among them, there are trails dedicated to less active people, those in a weaker condition, as well as those more advanced ones, requiring specialist equipment. Therefore, their use is an attraction for families with children, the elderly and mountain hiking enthusiasts alike.

Which trails are worth choosing when visiting Szczyrk? We recommend climbing to Skrzyczne and Klimczok, as well as a trip to the Salmopolska Pass and Malinów. It is also worth visiting Malinowska Skała, Kotarz and Karkoszczonka Pass.

  • Or maybe by rail? Entry to Czantoria and Szyndzielnia

The advantage of hiking in the Silesian Beskid is also the possibility to use railways. There is a 1640m long chairlift to Czantoria. The ride takes 8 minutes. You can admire wonderful views during it. The four-person sofas are equipped with a system that slows down the speed when getting in and out so that even children or disabled people can use the chairlift without any problems. The chairs are also equipped with bicycle carriers. A big attraction is 700 m long toboggan run which can be used by children and adults.

A modern 1810 m long funicular railway leads to the Szyndzielnia. The ride on yellow, glazed gondolas provides unforgettable experiences for children and adults. During the ride, you can admire nature and the beautiful mountain panorama. Right next to the upper railway station there is a lookout tower with a platform at the height of 18 m. What is important, the railway is adapted to carry prams, disabled people and bicycles.

The extensive network of the railway is also a tribute to skiers. If you are planning a holiday trip to Szczyrk, be sure to read an article about recommended ski tracks!

  • Attractions in Szczyrk for children and adults

Szczyrk offers many attractions for people of all ages, regardless of the season or the weather. Located in the city centre, a promenade with a bicycle path is a perfect way to get to know this charming town. A visit to the Eliksir stud farm will also provide many attractions. The stable offers lunge rides, holidays in the saddle and field trips. What is interesting, in winter they also offer skiing lessons with qualified instructors. When the weather is not good, it is worth visiting the Beskid Art Gallery, where you can admire contemporary painting and ceramics and occasional exhibitions. For water sports fans we also recommend the COS indoor swimming pool, which has six 25-metre-long tracks.

We hope that the presented attractions available in Szczyrk will encourage you to plan your stay in this charming place. We also invite you to stop at Przystanek Góry! Book accommodation in one of our rooms or apartments.

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