Szczyrk is an extremely picturesque town located in the Silesian Voivodship, in the valley of the Żylica stream, between two famous peaks – Klimczok and Skrzyczne. It offers many attractions all year round. Together with cities such as Wisła, Ustroń, Brenna and Istebna, Szczyrk creates the Beskid Five, whose primary goal is to promote the landscape and natural values of the Silesian Beskid. It is worth getting to know this wonderful place and a few fascinating curiosities connected with it.

Rest in Szczyrk – what attractions await tourists here?

Holidays in the mountains, both the long ones during holidays and the weekend ones, are an opportunity to get to know the Beskid Mountains better. Many attractions are waiting for tourists in Szczyrk and its surroundings. To choose the ones that best suit our preferences, you should take a moment to get to know the curiosities associated with this region. What is worth learning about Szczyrk?

10 interesting facts about Szczyrk

  1. The first census of Szczyrk took place in 1630. As a tourist town, Szczyrk started to function only after World War I, and in 1933 the mountain chalet on Skrzyczne began to operate.
  2. Szczyrk is an ideal place for people living actively. Numerous trails favour practising mountain tourism – both hiking and cycling. There is also a lot of space for fans of paragliding, cross-country skiing or cross-country cycling.
  3. From Skrzyczne (1257 m), Klimczok (1117 m), Kotarz (965 m) or Skalite (864 m) you can admire wonderful views of the Beskid Mountains.
  4. Szczyrk boasts the largest number of lifts in Poland. What is important, it also has nearly 60 km of trails of various difficulty levels, which attract lovers of snowboarding and skiing.
  5. Szczyrk also offers a number of attractions for speleologists. There are many caves, including the Ice Cave, Salmopolska Cave, Klimchok Cave and Malinovská Cave. They are prepared for tourists who can visit their interiors using routes of varying difficulty.
  6. In the centre of Szczyrk, on the Żylica River, there is a picturesque promenade and a cycle path. It stretches from the Town Hall, along the river, the Skalite Central Sports Centre and ends in Buczkowice.
  7. You can enter Skrzyczne by cable car. The chairlift operates all year round and consists of two sections. The first one goes to Jaworzyna, the second one directly to the top.
  8. There is also a complex of three ski jumps Skalite in Szczyrk. The first competition took place there on Valentine’s Day in 1937. Nowadays, the facility attracts ski jumping fans and the competitions organized there are very popular.
  9. While being in Szczyrk, one cannot forget about the gondola railway to the Szyndzielnia. The ride in yellow, glazed gondolas provides an unforgettable experience. On the top, on the other hand, a lookout tower and mountain bike routes await tourists. The exhibition of historical carriages is also worth seeing.
  10. The ideal place to stay is guesthouse Przystanek Góry. It offers ten comfortable flats of various sizes – each with a bathroom. There is a wonderful view from the windows of the guesthouse, and the location near the trails and ski stations guarantees an unforgettable experience of the stay.


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